WI Technical Recruiters Network

Joel Abraham, President
700 West Virginia Street
Suite 204
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Phone: 414/274-0608
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WITRN is a non profit organization consisting of 120 or more Wisconsin Human Resource/Technology Recruiters. Thus the name WITRN which stands for Wisconsin Technology Recruiters Network. WITRN has been in existence for more than 3 years and was initially organized because of the current competitive business climate. As a result of this market, WI Technical Recruiters found themselves in a situation or spotlight where they could directly influence their companies speed to market with their product/service. Because of the sense of urgency for finding the most qualified talent in the shortest period of time and the lack of resources, the Technical Recruiters of Wisconsin banded together to create a network that focuses on candidates, trends, technology and e-cruiting techniques. WITRN focuses primarily on strategies that WORK!!! Our main focus is related to Talent Acquisitions, Recruiting Technologies & Retention issues in the technology industry. Our Membership ranges from Management through to entry level Recruiters in the Biotech, Engineering and Information Technology Industries.
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