Society of Vacuum Coaters

Vivienne Harwood Mattox
Executive Director
71 Pinon Hill Place NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87122-1914
Phone: 505/856-7188
Fax: 505/856-6716
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The Society of Vacuum Coaters, a non-profit professional, trade and educational organization, is dedicated to the development of equipment and processes for high-volume production of coatings using vacuum-based processes. Its unique industrial focus targets the processing engineer and technician, end-user, equipment manufacturer, and the materials supplier. SVC seeks to disseminate knowledge, experience, and techniques to the vacuum coating industry through a variety of forums.

To further these objectives, SVC facilitates the crucial exchange of information within the vacuum coating community through responsive, on-going activities and member services. SVC recognizes the need for users to define markets, for process engineers to explain applications, for equipment suppliers to demonstrate their latest offerings, and for service suppliers to the community to present their contributions. As these needs, markets, or services change, SVC strives to keep its members informed.

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