SEM Membership Benefits

The Society for Experimental Mechanics was founded in 1943 as a nonprofit scientific and educational organization. Its objective is to 'further the knowledge of stress and strain analysis and related technologies."

The members of SEM encompass a unique group of experimentalists, development engineers, design engineers, test engineers and technicians, and research and development scientists from industry and educational institutions.

SEM Member Benefits
SEM membership has many advantages, such - as being introduced to a worldwide network of individuals working in the diverse technology of experimental mechanics. Rapid Prototyping, vibration and shock measurement problems, modal thrusters and accelerometers, non-contact extensometers, high and low temperature strain gages, composite materials, weld joints, digitizes and signal processing, thermographic stress analysis and material behavior, are but a sampling of the current membership's interests. Following is a listing of membership benefits.

While international in scope, SEM is small enough to provide a forum for easy communications between members

SEM's Technical Divisions are essentially special interest groups. These groups meet formally and informally at various Society events. Technical Divisions include:

SEM Annual Conferences

SEM Topical Conferences and Seminars:

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