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OSA is your inside track to the optics and photonics community and your link to an international network of more than 11,400 optical scientists, engineers, and technicians in some 50 countries. This connection combined with OSA's strong programs and services, makes OSA membership a valuable resource for you.

Join OSA and put this interdisciplinary network to work for you today.

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Look inside for details on programs and services that keep you connected to the international optics and photonics community. The membership application is on the back page.

OSA-Your Strongest Connection to Colleagues in Your Profession

As an interdisciplinary society, OSA offers you a unique synergy between all components of optics-from basic research to commercial applications. OSA gives you the opportunity to network with others in your field, staying up-to-date on the breakthroughs leading to tomorrow's technology.

Technical Groups

As an OSA member, you may join 3 OSA technical groups free. These groups are your link to the information and people most important to your career. Be sure to make your technical group selections on the attached membership application.

American Institute of Physics (AIP)

As an OSA member, you are also a member of AIR You'll receive the monthly magazine, Physics Today, plus discounts on other AIP publications.

Employment Assistance

OSA membership gives you free access to key employment information:

Optics & Photonics News

OSA's monthly magazine, brings you timely articles on research and industry trends, along with:

OSA-Your Strongest Connection to Technical Information

OSA's peer-reviewed journals and technical publications lead the industry, setting the standard for optics information and its dissemination worldwide. You can order OSA journals using the membership application on the back page.


Journal of the Optical Society of America A: Optics, Image Science, and Vision-covering such topics as:

Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics-covering such topics as:

Applied Optics-the industry's reference tool, published in three targeted divisions:

Journal of Lightwave Technology-(a joint publication of OSA and IEEE) covering such topics as:

Optics Letters-OSA's rapid publication, covering the latest research in:

Optics and Spectroscopy-OSA is the distributor of the English translation of Optika i Spektroskopiya, covering such topics as multiphoton spectroscopy, phase conjugation, holography, scattering, and quantum electronics.

Journal of Optical Technology- the English translation of Optcheskiy Zhurnal, includes design details of optical instruments and computational optics.

The Handbook of Optics

Providing a comprehensive overview of modem optics, the second edition of The Handbook of Optics presents the basic concepts of optics as well as practical information on components devices, and materials. The 83 chapters of this two-volume set are cross referenced, making related material easy to find, and grouped into 17 convenient sections prepared by specialists in their field.

Book Club

Offering MEMBERS ONLY discounts on select titles from other societies and commercial publishers. For a complete list of Book Club , titles or an OSA publications catalog contact the OSA Customer Service Department at 202/416-1907.

Membership Categories

Regular Membership in the Optical Society is open to all scientists, engineers, and technicians working in optics or a related field. Regular dues are $75, based on the calendar year. If you join after June 30, 1995, you may pay the half-year rate of $45.

Student Membership is open to any undergraduate or graduate student devoting more than halftime to academic studies. Student dues are $30, based on the calendar year.

Teacher Membership is open to any primary or secondary school science educator who maintains an interest in optics education. Call us at (800) 762-6960 for more information. Companies may also affiliate with OSA as Corporate Associates. Call (800) 762-6960 for details on special programs and benefits.

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