The Association of Polish Geomorphologists

Zbigniew Zwolinski / General Secretary
ZG SGP, Fredry 10, 61-701 Poznan, Poland
Phone: +48-61-8296175 or +48-61-530234
Fax: +48-61 8530234 or +48-61-530234
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The Association of Polish Geomorphologists is a scientific-professional and not-for-profit society dedicated to the advancement of the science of geomorphology. Its primary activities are the publication of scientific literature, the organization of scientific conferences, the creation of research grants, awarding of medals and awards, operation of task commissions, and other special activities like the protection of unique landforms.

Date established: 1991
Number of registered members: 143
Membership open to, limitations and/or membership criteria: recommendations of two other members

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Key annual events sponsored by the organization: no annual and regular meetings

Fields of science, engineering, or technology relevant to the organization: ER, ER-OT

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