The Imaging Source announces: New Release HALCON 19.11: Customers save 50%

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On November 15th, MVTec released HALCON 19.11, the latest version of the HALCON Progress Edition. With this release, MVTec has equipped its comprehensive machine vision software with many new and optimized image processing functionalities. Deep-learning-based inspection tasks, for example, can be implemented much more efficiently via HALCON 19.11's anomaly detection algorithm which now requires only a handful of training images. Additionally, HALCON's new "box finder" is able to determine the exact position and size of arbitrary boxes within 3D point clouds. HALCON 19.11 further integrates groundbreaking deep learning functions with improvements to core technologies such as code reading and 3D vision. To celebrate the release of HALCON 19.11, we are offering an upgrade campaign until December 15, 2019. HALCON Steady customers are eligible to receive a 50% discount on every newly purchased HALCON Progress SDK subscription during the first year.