Saelig Introduces Versatile 120W Triple Output Programmable Power Supply for Automated Test Applications

The ABI Programmable Power Supply (PPS) suits a wide variety of test and measurement scenarios and can be automated with ABI's Ultimate sequencing software

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Fairport, NY, USA: Saelig Company, Inc. The ABI PPS is a triple output programmable power supply, with each channel independently adjustable. Each output can provide 40W of power (1A @ 40V rising to 8A @ 5V under all AC supply conditions) with a resolution of 1mV and 1mA. All PPS channels are isolated and have equal capabilities. The output polarity can even be reversed under software control, removing the need to swap cables to supply negative voltages.

In combined operation, the channels can be placed into arbitrary groups for easy multichannel control. Any number of channels can be added to a group, and up to 3 independent groups can be created. Grouped channels remain isolated but work to achieve a common goal, these include:

The ABI Programmable Power Supply (PPS) is a new module in the System 8 series of automated test modules, but the PPS can also be used as a versatile standalone PC-controlled power supply. The System 8 range of modules are designed for PCB repair and end-of-line testing, controlled by simple-to-use but versatile Ultimate software. The PPS features remote sense and low ripple/noise, suits a wide variety of test and measurement scenarios, and can be preprogrammed with ABI's Ultimate sequencing software. From low to medium volume production test, through to predictive/corrective and PCB troubleshooting tasks, the PPS can be programmed for criteria such as: voltage, current, and power comparison Pass/Fail testing or power sequencing soak tests, with preset targets, comparisons and traceability also available. The convenient front panel RGB LEDs indicate each output state, including fault conditions and channel identification. Customizable, programmable, and automatic voltage and current protections are available.

Made in Europe by ABI Electronics Ltd., a leading embedded test equipment manufacturer, the ABI Programmable Power Supply (PPS), is available now from ABI's technical distributor Saelig Company, Inc., Fairport, NY.

About Saelig Company Inc.

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