Ltd. announces: New Washdown Servo Gearboxes from Gam

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Greenville, DE-† Gam Gearís new SSP Series is an innovative washdown servo gearbox solution designed for food, medical or sanitary applications.† It is a precision inline planetary gearbox outwardly constructed of 300-series stainless steel.† The motor adapter plate, housing and shaft are all stainless steel.† Vitonģ seals, stainless steel hardware and sealed interfaces provide outstanding corrosion resistance in all types of wet and caustic washdown environments.† Ideal for any light or demanding servo application where corrosion resistance is a requirement, the SSP Series offers economy, high precision, and long lasting performance.† Features of Gam Gearís washdown servo gearbox include:

SSP-W SSP-W Rear View SSP-W With Coupling
  • Dual output bearings for high radial and axial loading
  • Frame sizes from 70 mm to 120 mm
  • Ratios from 3:1 to 100:1
  • Input clamping element for fast and easy mounting
  • Optional input O-ring to keep contaminants out custom designed for your motor. (Special request at time of order)
  • Optional stainless steel output coupling KG-VA† for corrosion resistant connections to other shafts
  • Contact GAM for more information on these couplings
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