The Imaging Source to Make its Debut at Embedded World 2019

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For the first time, The Imaging Source will exhibit at "embedded world" from 26.02 - 28.02 in Nuremberg to present new products in the field of embedded vision. The main focus is the presentation of the new MIPI/CSI-2 camera modules and a compatible FPD link III™ Serializer / Deserializer Bridge, which allows cable lengths of up to 15m. The new product line supports Nvidia Jetson TX1 and TX2 platforms, among others. The compact camera modules use the ISP functionalities of the target platforms for demosaicing, color correction and other processing steps, so that these calculations do not have to be performed on the cameras. Furthermore, in cooperation with The Imaging Source, the newly founded The Imaging Source spin-off "AI Labs" presents its product "Pick & Load" for the first time. Pick & Load is a system for the automation of loading and unloading processes on CNC machines with the aid of a robot. The new "Pick & Load" product consists of a cost-effective 3D sensor system and an embedded microcomputer that is responsible for data evaluation and communication with the robot. Small and medium sized enterprises can now automate their CNC loading and unloading tasks, which, in combination with low-cost robots, pays for itself within 1-1.5 years. At the booth (Hall 3A / Booth 417), experts from our technical sales and software development departments will be available to answer questions about The Imaging Source products and solutions. If you are interested in tickets for "embedded world 2019" please contact our sales team.