UAI 1206 “Trace in Air” Chip fuse for highest demands

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Santa Rosa, California, December 14, 2018 – SCHURTER’s new UAI 1206 chip fuse offers pulse withstand and temperature resistant capabilities, together with time-lag characteristics. The evolved overcurrent protection device is ideal for applications where durability and maximum reliability are required in the smallest possible footprint.

Conventional fuses have a sort of memory; if they are exposed to pulse-shaped current peaks and high temperature fluctuations, their properties change. Every pulse makes the fuse a little weaker, every temperature fluctuation a little more susceptible. This is not so with the SCHURTER UAI 1206. Because of the special fuse construction, dubbed by SCHURTER as “trace in air” technology, the UAI’s ability to resist current pulses smaller than the melting integral (I2t) is thereby increased exponentially. The UAI 1206 has practically no de-rating to the usual extent. Additionally, the unique design of the fuse body also dampens temperature fluctuations to a high degree.

Designed to UL 248-14, the UAI 1206 was originally developed specifically for automotive applications. It is offered in two versions with rated currents of 5.3 A and 7.5 A at 32 VDC. Rated breaking capacity is 100 A. The UAI 1206 meets all requirements according to AEC-Q200. It is also suitable wherever high levels of pulse currents, high thermal fluctuations, and high mechanical loads are present. The fuse is also sealed against potting compound for use in intrinsically safe applications, such chemically exposed equipment like those found in the oil and gas, mining, first response, lighting, and medical industries.

Pricing for the UAI 1206 is $.285 each supplied on 1,000 piece reels.