Laboratory Informatics & Automation: Advances in Today's Intelligent Laboratory

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On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, please join ATL, iCD, SciCord, and Sequence for a strategic briefing at the NC Biotechnology Center in Research Triangle Park, NC. This complimentary event is entitled Laboratory Informatics & Automation: Advances in Today’s Intelligent Laboratory. We have created an exciting agenda focused on how intelligent environments within today’s laboratories can optimize performance across organizations.

We will look into practical elements in how to approach the use of these new technologies and how to integrate systems across networks. You will be able to deep-dive into data integrity, efficiency, regulatory, and cost challenges, while exploring advances in today’s modern LIMS, ELN, method validation, and more.

If you are interested in leveraging laboratory informatics and automation to optimize your laboratory operations, enable research and experimentation and make the lab an essential component of the organization, then you need to join us on November 6th.