Nominations Are Being Accepted for RHSTAR 2018 to Promote Humanitarian Applications of Science and Technology

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[Pasadena, CA September 6, 2018] — Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2018 Rotary Humanitarian STAR (Science, Technology, Aerospace and Robotics) Awards.  These global awards, hosted in Pasadena, CA, uniquely honor outstanding scientific and technological achievements that significantly benefit humanity or save and improve lives.

Awards are presented in four categories at the RHSTAR Awards banquet to be held on January 31, 2019 at the Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. The awards recognize innovations and humanitarian applications which have revolutionized health and medicine; improvements for our earth, oceans and skies; disaster relief and recovery; and sharing knowledge for personal and humanities well-being. These awards are unique in their focus on humanitarian achievements in science and technology.

“Members of Rotary are dedicated to improving lives and helping others in need.  And Pasadena is a center of much technological development and hosts such well known organizations as the Jet Propulsion Laboratories and the California Institute of Technology,” states Joan Riback, chairperson of the RHSTAR program.  “We wish to recognize those scientists and engineers that are directly aiding people and the human race.  That is the purpose of the Rotary Humanitarian awards for Science, Technology, Aerospace and Robotics.”

Previous RHSTAR nominations included a preliminary design of a human-rated Mars lander; ground breaking discoveries targeting diseases such as cancer, arrhythmia, autoimmune and developmental disorders; the conversion of renewable biomass to fuels and chemicals; a portable device using radar technology to find victims trapped beneath rubble; and initiatives revolutionizing oceanography and climate science.

The Rotary Clubs of Sierra Madre and Pasadena are producing the Rotary Humanitarian STAR Awards to promote, support, advance and inspire humanitarian accomplishments in science and technology.

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