Customer Spotlight: Our Journey to a New LIMS

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July 25, 2018: Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. (ATL), a leader in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), continues the 2018 LIMS Webcast series on Wednesday, August 15th with Customer Spotlight: Our Journey to a New LIMS. ATL is honored to be co-hosting this webcast with one of our ATL TITAN® LIMS customers, Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW). Dr. Bob Wandro, Laboratory Director at SVCW, will be talking about the lab’s evolution from using handwritten data sheets and hand keying data into the plant’s database to the selection and implementation of a modern LIMS system that has dramatically improved many aspects of the lab’s operations.

Webcast Overview

Silicon Valley Clean Water provides wastewater treatment services to more than 200,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area. The seven-member Laboratory is a division of SVCW and occupies a 6,500 sq. ft. laboratory where their mission is to provide vital chemical and microbiological analyses 365 days a year. In the past, the lab relied on manual processes (handwriting test results into logbooks and then hand keying on their computers). In 2011, the lab was approved to acquire a LIMS and went through a thorough exercise to define their LIMS requirements and select ATL and TITAN® LIMS through a competitive RFP process. SVCW’s Laboratory Director, Dr. Bob Wandro, will walk through their journey to a new LIMS, and highlight the benefits that TITAN has brought to the organization.

Topics Covered During the Webcast

Who Should Attend

Recommended attendees include laboratory owners, directors and managers, and quality assurance officers, managers and directors in the analytical, food & beverage, manufacturing (product/material testing), agriculture, energy, environmental, water/wastewater, life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, forensics and public health sectors.

ATL, headquartered in West End, NC, provides total data management solutions to a variety of industries from analytical, environmental, food & beverage, water and wastewater, chemical, government, public health, clinical testing, forensics and manufacturing. ATL's LIMS products are installed in over 575 laboratories around the world and supported by a steadfast commitment to excellence in product quality, support and training.