Engineering TouchKit for PCAP Touch Screen Development

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Santa Rosa, California, May 29, 2018 – SCHURTER is pleased to launch the Engineering TouchKit, a professional maker kit in the form of a PCAP touchscreen for development engineers to experience first-hand the advantages of projected-capacitive technology.

The new TouchKit contains Plug & Play 10.1” PCAP touchscreen sensor with a SCHURTER controller based on an EETI chip.  The software for analyzing and evaluating the controller data is included on a USB stick.  A stylus pen is also included and enables the user engineer to experience the extensive functions of the touchscreen and to perform tests with and without the stylus. The complete kit gives the engineer the opportunity to become familiarized with the latest projected-capacitive touchscreen technology (PCAP).

Notable features offered in the TouchKit include multi-touch capability and simultaneous operation detection of up to 10 fingers. It can be operated with or without the accompanying stylus pen, which offers high accuracy and pressure measurement. Palm touch as an operation or as an input is not recognized, however. The TouchKit screen is resistant to moisture and can be wet without detecting an unintended touch.  It will also continue to function in low humidity.  The controller is designed to switch off the sensor in the event of large quantity water exposure. Correctly installed, the touch controller is immune to interference voltages in the form of wave fields up to 10 V/m or wired up to 10 Vrms.

SCHURTER has a wide range of industrial displays and standard touchscreens for HMI integration and also manufacturer customer-specific PCAP sensors. The Engineering TouchKit introduces a sampling of SCHURTER’s touchscreen capabilities to a wider audience. Pricing for the Engineering TouchKit is about $290 each.