New Updates Provide More Configurability, Multigraph Views and Toolboxes

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MINNEAPOLIS – May 24, 2018 – Stat-Ease, Inc., a leader in the field of design of experiments (DOE), today announced the release of Design-Expert® software, version 11 (DX11). The first version of Design-Expert launched in 1985 and, throughout its evolution, the software has continued to lead the DOE segment. It benefits engineers, scientists, statisticians, research and development teams, quality experts, and anyone who wishes to efficiently improve processes, innovation and design.

With a clean, fresh and modern look and interface, users will find DX11 more configurable with multiple windows available for viewing and arrangement at the click of a button. The new multigraph feature provides side-by-side and up-down views of diagnostic plots for easy comparison. DX11 also includes upgraded toolboxes, enhanced graphics, new design capabilities, and improved analysis. Also new in version 11 is the macOS platform in addition to Microsoft Windows. Stat-Ease provides DX11 users with 12 months of support and maintenance to ensure they get exactly what they need from the software.

“Since the first version of the software was created for DOS, we have made giant strides in building on successive versions to create the powerful, innovative and user-friendly package we have today,” said Pat Whitcomb, Founder of Stat-Ease. “DX11 truly is designed for the nonstatistician who needs to run DOE’s only occasionally. The intuitive interface provides easy navigation to build and analyze designs. And it remains the only DOE software package that determines cause and effect relationships with maximum efficiency.”

The term DOE is associated with experiments in which the design introduces conditions that directly affect the variation. In practice, DOE is the design of any task that aims to describe or explain the variation of information under conditions that are hypothesized to reflect the variation. DOE is frequently used to establish validity, reliability and replicability of an experiment, and typically improves the design and development of products and services.

“I’ve always appreciated how Stat-Ease keeps design of experiments practices simple and effective to use and interpret,” said Richard Williams, Six Sigma MBB and Consultant at Richard Scott Williams, LLC. “Design-Expert version 11 takes things still further down the road of simplicity and practicality. The new platform and layout makes the most relevant information appear at just the right time in the analysis, through the use of the Notebook option. I love the new look and feel. Clearly the total rebuild contained in version 11 sets the stage for future enhancements, while maintaining continuity with prior versions.”

The latest version of Design-Expert is available now for $1,350.00 (single-user license), which includes 12 free months of annual support and maintenance. Annual network licenses are also available.

About Stat-Ease

Based in Minneapolis, Stat-Ease was founded in 1982 and has become a leading provider of design of experiments (DOE) software, books, training, and consulting services. Using these statistical methods, scientists, engineers, statisticians, quality experts, and research and development teams can improve the quality of products, enhance processes, quickly solve manufacturing problems, and make breakthrough discoveries. Via multifactor testing techniques, DOE quickly leads users to the elusive sweet spot where all requirements are met at minimal cost.