Saelig Introduces KwikDraw-A Consoles With Multiscreen Choices

The Kwikdraw range offers slide-out interface options from the simple touch-screen slide console, to LCD consoles with KVM capabilities and multiscreen displays with dual or triple screens.

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Fairport, NY: Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Amplicon Kwikdraw-A Rackmount LCD Consoles. The Kwikdraw range offers a variety of interface options to suit almost any application, from the simple touch-screen slide console, to LCD consoles with KVM capabilities and multiscreen displays with dual or triple screens. The new rackmount interface series is designed to provide flexible solutions for a wide range of human-to-machine interface applications.

These compact Kwikdraw 2U units offer display choices of either two (opening left or right) or three 17" LCDs, delivering 4K or FHD graphics with optional 10-point projected capacitive touch or 1-point resistive touch for even the most demanding video output requirements. With a rugged design and video display options that cover VGA, DVI, and DPI.2, the KwikDraw-A Multiscreen series provides flexible interface solutions for integration into new or existing IT infrastructures, such as, CCTV surveillance or test-racks. The KwikDraw-A low-power design maintains efficient running costs (4W standby) and a simple 'one-person' installation.

For less visually-intense needs, the Amplicon KwikDraw-A Slide Display range offers a standalone rackmount screen for applications where the full console is not required. With a slide-out 17" HD touch-screen display, the KwikDraw-A Slide is an ideal 'hidden monitor' solution for space-conscious operations where data entry is minimal but visual monitoring is still important. The slide-out design with two point lock, molded front panel, and a depth of just 18.9", make this series both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The Amplicon KwikDraw-A KVM Console range offers a rackmount console with keyboard/monitor/mouse capabilities for applications where operator access is required remote from the controlling PC. Available for either digital or analog operations in either 17" or 19" form, with additional options for 8 or 16 port KVM connection capabilities, these units are ideal for off-site maintenance and control, like electrical substations or facility surveillance.

Made by Amplicon, Europe's leading industrial computing and data acquisition provider, the Amplicon Kwikdraw-A Rackmount LCD Consoles are available now from Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY.

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