Wavelength Electronics, Inc. announces: Power Industrial Laser Diodes for Material Processing & Laser Cutting Applications

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The low noise LD15CHA the newest addition to the Wavelength laser diode driver line offers exceptional modulation bandwidth, and ample power for materials processing, industrial laser cutting, and laser diode bars / stacks.

The small laser diode driver delivers 15 A output current up to 28 V. It meets laser compliance requirements from 3 V with a single 5 V supply, and up to 28 V with an additional 30 V power supply. Additional models are available with 2.5 A, 5 A, and 10 A output. This product family supports A & B type laser diodes. Three photodiode current ranges are available.


  • Up to 15 A output current
  • Dual supply operation up to +30 VDC (28 V maximum to laser)
  • Constant Current or Constant Power Mode
  • Bandwidth 600 kHz (3 dB at Full Current, Constant Current Mode, Sinewave)
  • Stability: <200 ppm (CC) and 0.03% (CP).
  • RMS Noise Current as low as 35 ?A at 100 kHz
  • Noise current density: 100 nA/?Hz.
  • Safety:
  • Simple wiring using spring-loaded terminal strips
  • Easily mounted to an optics table or Wavelength heat sink WORRY-FREE SETUP

    The new circuitry in the LDxCHA allows for the laser diode current limit and the laser diode current setpoint to be finetuned without output current enabled to the laser. This allows users to set the specific safety and output levels required without risk of overdriving the laser during initial configuration.


    The LDxCHA drivers, with their small size and easy mountability, can be attached directly to an optics table or designed into a system. Two trimpots set the current limit and current setpoint, while five spring loaded terminal blocks allow for simple wiring.


    Free, effective, and responsive technical support is available to simplify integration of Wavelength products into your OEM design. Standard product can be easily modified to meet your application requirements.


    Wavelength Electronics solves problems for researchers and OEMs that use high precision laser diodes, quantum cascade lasers, and thermoelectrics. For 25 years, we have led the laser control industry by simplifying advanced control for demanding electro-optical applications. Laser safety is paramount and protection is built into every module. Quality manufacturing consistently delivers high performance reliable product when you need it. Team with Wavelength to beat your competition in performance and delivery.