LIMS: The Key to Lean Laboratory Management

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March 27, 2018: Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. (ATL), a leader in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), continues the 2018 LIMS Webcast series on Wednesday, April 18th with LIMS: The Key to Lean Laboratory Management. Our LIMS Webcast Series is a monthly educational offering that will cover a mix of topics targeted at attendees who are looking to deploy laboratory automation solutions to optimize lab operations, maintain compliance requirements and increase profitability.

Webcast Overview

This month's webcast will focus on the role that a LIMS can play in helping companies who have adopted or are interested in adopting Lean Laboratory practices. The goal of a Lean Laboratory is to use less effort, fewer resources and less time to test incoming samples. The Lean Laboratory process evolved from the Lean Manufacturing movement, which is focused on developing efficient processes by reducing or eliminating "waste" in the system. Lean Processes apply directly to the laboratory environment and a robust LIMS system can provide much needed data to highlight opportunities for improvement and measure success. This webcast will cover some direct applications of Lean in a laboratory setting and then concentrate the discussion on why a LIMS should be an integral component of a Lean Laboratory.

Topics Covered During the Webcast

Topics covered during the webcast will include the following:

Who Should Attend

Recommended attendees include laboratory owners, directors and managers, and quality assurance officers, managers and directors in the analytical, food & beverage, manufacturing (product/material testing), agriculture, energy, environmental, water/wastewater, life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, forensics, public health and other market sectors.

ATL, headquartered in West End, NC, provides total data management solutions to a variety of industries from analytical, environmental, water and wastewater, food & beverage, agriculture, cannabis, chemical, government, public health, clinical testing, forensics and manufacturing. ATL's LIMS products are installed in over 575 laboratories around the world and supported by a steadfast commitment to excellence in product quality, support and training.