SCHURTER Showcases new power connectors for PDU and ICT Equipment at Data Center World 2018

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Santa Rosa, California, March 9, 2018 ó SCHURTER, an innovative and progressive manufacturer of circuit protection, connection, switching and EMC products for the information and communication technology (ICT) industry will feature its newest connectors at Data Center World 2018, which takes place March 12th through the 15th in San Antonio, Texas.

SCHURTER will feature its newest coupler for 400 VDC applications, according to the latest IEC standard 62735-1. Designed specifically for pluggable power in DC systems, this new interconnect device is first to comply with the new IEC standard. Manufacturers of PDUs and other equipment for data centers have long waited for a standardized solution for safe and reliable interconnection, to support the ever increasing trend toward increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Additionally, SCHURTER will highlight their integrated light pipe outlets, 6600-5, 6610-5, and 4797-5. The outlets provide space and cost-saving solutions for intelligent PDUs used in data centers and other multi-distributed power applications. The integrated light pipes channel light from LEDs on the pc board to the front of the connector, serving operational or other functional status indication.

The 6600-5 and 6610-5 series conform to IEC 60320-1, style F, ENEC approved at 10 A @ 250. They are UL/CSA approved at 15 A @ 250 VAC. The 4797-5 series conforms to IEC60320-1, style J, ENEC approved at 16 A @ 250 VAC. It is UL/CSA approved at 20 A @ 250 VAC. Terminal options include insulation displacement conductor (IDC), quick connect or PCB.


SCHURTER is a progressive innovator and manufacturer of Circuit Protection, Connectors, Switches, and EMC Products to the electronic and electrical industries worldwide. SCHURTERís three divisions: Components, Input Systems and Electronic Manufacturing services are formed to provide customer specific products and services, which focus on clean and safe supply of power and making equipment easier to use. These core competencies bring a high degree of innovation to SCHURTERís main markets IT / Telecom, Medical, Space and Renewable Energy.

SCHURTER meets its customersí highest demands through certified quality, environmental and safety management systems including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and highly developed processes (Six Sigma method). Excellent services are upheld through the consistent application of an all encompassing quality management system.

SCHURTER Inc., Santa Rosa, California is the exclusive North America sales and distribution office for the SCHURTER Group.