President's thoughts at the beginning of 2018 - Flexibly responding to changes in the fluctuating market with our core technologies as our base

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Masayuki Adachi, President & COO of HORIBA, Ltd.

I am honored to have been appointed as the president of HORIBA, Ltd., and feel motivated to tackle the great responsibility of HORIBA Groupís headquarters. My mission is to further expand our precious core technologies and to bring about innovation that corresponds to our rapidly changing society. To make this possible, starting today we established a new organizational protocol for realizing more simple responsibility structures and efficient management paradigms.

The overwhelming reforms in digital technology of the recent years have led to major changes in our daily lives as well as in industry. Amid the change to electrification, MIRA Ltd. (now HORIBA MIRA Ltd., acquired in 2015) can offer a wide range of support by handling exhaust gas, mechatronics, and automation. For the development of battery technology, our Process & Environmental business contributes to the measurement control field. In addition, our Scientific business contributes in the field of power generation, raw materials and surface analysis while looking to develop next generation batteries. In this way, the HORIBA Group is becoming a vital part of the next generation of energy management in which the medium is shifting from fossil fuels to electricity. Furthermore, the miniaturization and multi-layer construction of semiconductor manufacturing processes as well as the introduction of AI and IoT into automotive and medical industrial processes will have a direct and major effect on the business of the HORIBA Group.

The major topic for this year is to use our new organizational protocol to flexibly respond to changes in the market as it fluctuates in the way outlined above. I believe that all our employees will fully co-operate on this mission so that we can all walk along the path to success together.


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