Lab Automation: Advances and Trends in the Water/Wastewater Market

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January 16, 2018: Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. (ATL), the leader in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), will kickoff the 2018 ATL Webcast Series on Wednesday, January 17th with Lab Automation: Advances and Trends in the Water/Wastewater Market. During 2018, we will dedicate several of our monthly webcasts to key industry segments, discussing common challenges and how these are mitigated through the use of laboratory automation. In January, we will spotlight the water/wastewater field and highlight best practices in managing water quality data.

Webcast Overview

This webcast focuses on testing in the water/wastewater industry and laboratories that perform testing for water utilities. This would include large manufacturing operations that discharge, contract environmental laboratories, electric and nuclear power utilities and public health agencies. We will cover key advances and trends in laboratory automation and artificial intelligence that have recently gained momentum in the sector, and highlight the reasons for their importance.

Topics Covered During the Webcast

Who Should Attend

Recommended attendees include laboratory owners, directors and managers, and quality managers in the water/wastewater, environmental, energy and public health sectors.

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