SCHURTER Expands on Approval and Compliance Information on Product Data Sheets

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Santa Rosa, California, December 6, 2017 - Safety is our business. Therefore, SCHURTER products are submitted to accredited safety institutions for testing according to national and international standards or other generally recognized regulating bodies for technology, as well as those established to protect the environment. Their certification/approval-marks confirm the manufacturerís observance of the requirements for which electric appliances, and the materials and methods used to produce them, must fulfill. This information is an important differentiating feature that distinguishes the SCHURTER products from the vast number of like products on the market.

It is also essential to assure easy access to up-to-date references and documentation when customers are selecting, procuring and using SCHURTER products. For this reason, SCHURTER has changed their website to better organize this information and provide greater detail. A link has been installed in the HTML and PDF Data Sheets where the approval marks were previously provided. The link takes the user to an entirely new section, Approvals and Compliances. The new section can alternatively be accessed via a new tab in the HTML Data Sheet, or as part of the PDF Data Sheet, following the Technical Data.

The content of the new and expanded section, Approvals and Compliances, contains approvals, product standards, application standards and compliances for each product, with clear headings above each category. Information regarding product approvals and conformance is shown first, while the product and application standards follow as supplementary information to clarify the products intended use. Links to approval certifications and compliance descriptions are provided accordingly.

The area where the application standards are shown serves to acknowledge the use of a product in meeting the requirements within the standard for an end application. The references are designed to provide customers with additional information about common applications where SCHURTER products are used, such as Information Technology or Medical equipment for instance. These self-declarations are also apart from the test certificates issued by accredited testing bodies.

Approvals and compliances are especially important for the safety of our customers and their customers, and the sustainability of the environment in which they live.


SCHURTER is a progressive innovator and manufacturer of Circuit Protection, Connectors, Switches, and EMC Products to the electronic and electrical industries worldwide. SCHURTERís three divisions: Components, Input Systems and Electronic Manufacturing services are formed to provide customer specific products and services, which focus on clean and safe supply of power and making equipment easier to use. These core competencies bring a high degree of innovation to SCHURTERís main markets IT / Telecom, Medical, Space and Energy.

SCHURTER meets its customersí highest demands through certified quality, environmental and safety management systems including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and highly developed processes (Six Sigma method). Excellent services are upheld through the consistent application of an all-encompassing quality management system.

SCHURTER Inc., Santa Rosa, California is the exclusive North America sales and distribution office for the SCHURTER Group.