Patented Technology Combines Absorbance and Transmission with EEMs

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HORIBA Scientific, a global leader in Fluorescence solutions, is pleased to be offering a free webinar that will demonstrate the benefits and capabilities of a new, patented technique for molecular fingerprinting.

The webinar, entitled, “A-TEEM™ Molecular Fingerprinting: A New and Novel Spectroscopy Technique” will be offered on Thursday, October 26th, at 10:00 AM PDT/1:00 PM EDT.  It will be moderated by Laura Bush, Editorial Director of Spectroscopy. Content will be provided by Dr. Adam Gilmore, Applications Scientist in the Fluorescence division of HORIBA Scientific.

  Attendees will be shown how to measure absorbance, transmittance and excitation-emission matrix (EEM) data simultaneously. They will see how A-TEEM fingerprints molecules with high specificity and ultrahigh-sensitivity, and how it can identify, quantify and understand dynamics of molecules and mixtures.  Attendees will also gain an understanding of how A-TEEM identifies and quantifies the dynamics of molecules and mixtures.  Dr. Gilmore will demonstrate how to apply key multivariate analysis methods for molecular fingerprinting applications.

This webinar is targeted at biomedical and pharmaceutical laboratory researchers, industrial food, wine and water quality laboratory managers, and educators and students.