IEC Appliance Outlet F for Intelligent PDUs and UPSs

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Santa Rosa, California, August 28, 2017 — SCHURTER introduces its new IEC appliance outlet, series 6610-5, with integrated guides for light pipes. Designed to channel light from LEDs placed on a printed circuit board to the outlet surface, the new feature brings a whole new level of functionality to an already popular 6610 version, known for the highest level of efficiency during assembly due to its IDC terminals. The unique features of the 6600-5 are especially suited for use in PDU and UPS applications.

The light pipe status indication allows technicians to clearly see which systems are working properly, or respond to required maintenance adjustments. The control of the LEDs is freely configurable, wherein each state can be represented clearly and independently. The light pipes are ordered separate and inserted after installation of the outlet.

The use of IDC connectors is particularly efficient. Multiple sockets can be wired quickly in a single step. This highly efficient way of wiring saves considerable time and thus expensive labor costs. The phase contact is available with an optional PCB, quick connect or solder terminal for an independent line supply and status indication. To ensure an even better optical feedback, SCHURTER provides the individual outlets in black, white and grey.

The 6610-5 series is available in two wiring versions, so called “along” and “cross”. Depending on the application and type of PDU, mounting several sockets vertically (cross) or horizontally (along) one behind the other can be achieved. The IDC terminals are then oriented accordingly for insulation displacement of the wires using the insulation cover. Standard IEC F outlet is approved at 15 A @ 250 VAC according to UL and CSA, and 10 A according to ENEC and CCC (with CCC pending).

The new 6610-5 series offers a pull-out safety feature to prevent against unintentional removal of the power cord. Depending on the arrangement of the outlets in the strip – along or cross – the SCHURTER V-Lock, or cord retention systems known as S-Lock with side latches, can be used. The snap-in mounting of the 6610-5 is designed for plate thicknesses from 0.8 to 3.0 mm.

Pricing for the 6610-5 series starts at $1.27 each in 100 piece quantities. Packaging is 100 pieces per box.


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