Ltd. announces: New Panel Mount Brush Servo Drives for Centralized Motion Control Systems

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The AxCent™ (Axes for Centralized control schemes) product platform brings the proven and powerful performance expected of ADVANCED Motion Controls, with improvements to the design architecture that utilize years of experience in the industry and the latest advancements in modern servo system design.

As technology continues its shift from analog to digital, there is still strong demand for analog designs.  The reason?  Analog drives provide some attractive benefits:

How can analog outperform digital?  It all comes down to the components.  In a digital system, A/D conversions and processing time can add delays ranging from 20 to 100 microseconds.  This may not seem like a lot, but in the highest bandwidth systems delays of this magnitude create a sizeable phase lag.

The other driving factor is cost.  Large volumes and mature designs make prices attractive for everyone (except our competitors).

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