New Yorker Electronics Rolls Out Full New Line of Industrial Control Switches

New ECS Series with Detachable Contact Blocks Keep Installations Easy and Safe

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NORTHVALE, NEW JERSEY, USA - New Yorker Electronics is now featuring the complete new Excel Cell Electronic (ECE) line of Industrial Control Switches. The ECS Series is an IP65 waterproof type device. Because it is designed for liquid and oil resistance, the entire series can be used in a wide variety of environments. The entire new series of switches includes: Pushbutton Switches, Pilot Lamps, Key Selector Switches, Lever Selector Switches and three varieties of Emergency Stop Switches. These switches are often used in control panels of industrial equipment and are also commonly used in building management, medical technology, sports equipment, parking machines and automation devices.

Designed to improve work efficiency, every switch in the series offers detachable contact blocks for easy installation and removal. They come in a variety of colors in both illuminated and non-illuminated and all come with 22mm, 25mm or 30mm mounting holes and are available in round or square (square only in 22mm and 25mm). Most switches are available in red, yellow, blue, green, white, black and orange; the emergency switches are exclusively green and red.

All models are available in 6V, 12V and 24V (with AC/DC LED Lamp) as well as in 110V and 220V (with an AC LED Lamp). Tolerances vary in range from 0.1 to 1.0. The entire ECS Industrial Control Switch Series is crafted in accordance with UL, cUL, and CE, with CCC and TUV pending. They have a rated thermal current of 10A and an insulated voltage of 650V.

Pushbutton Switches - The illuminated Pushbutton Switch comes in a flat type momentary, a flat type maintained, an extended type momentary and an extended type maintained.

Pilot Lamp Switches - The Pilot Lamp Switches are available in both low-profile and extended. Used to indicate that a device or load is on, the ECE Pilot Lamp Switches are also available without contact blocks.

Lever Selector Switches - The Lever Selector Switches are crafted with both short and long selection levers. They are also available in illuminated and non-illuminated styles.

Key Selector Switches - The Key Selector Switches are available in five position (2-Position, 3-Position, 2-Position Spring-from-Right, 3-Position Spring-from-Right and 3-Position Spring Return Two-Way types). All types come in illuminated and non-illuminated; black is only available non-illuminated switch.

Emergency Stop Switches - There are three types of Emergency Stop Switches. ECE offers the standard version, the Mushroom Type switch and the Big Mushroom Type switch all distinguished by the size of the press panel. All three types are maintained and are available in both illuminated and non-illuminated types.

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