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DECEMBER 10, 2019
Teledyne introduces two-camera smart system for automation supporting Visible, LWIR and 3D sensors

Accelerated Technology Laboratories Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

DECEMBER 4, 2019
Roadmap to a Successful LIMS Needs Assessment

DECEMBER 3, 2019
Third-Generation Family Member Becomes President of Laboratory Testing Inc.

DECEMBER 2, 2019
Gowanda Expands Passive Offerings with Acquisition of RCD Components

NOVEMBER 26, 2019
EV Automotive Fuse Safely Interrupts up to 1000 VDC

New multifield TDI camera captures brightfield, darkfield and backlit images in a single scan

NOVEMBER 24, 2019
Exor’s eX700 series features Harsh Environment Operation

NOVEMBER 21, 2019
JAI introduces three new industrial color line scan cameras with SFP+ optical interface.

NOVEMBER 20, 2019
New Release HALCON 19.11: Customers save 50%

NOVEMBER 19, 2019
Saelig Introduces MX100Q Series Compact 4-Channel 210W Power Supplies

NOVEMBER 12, 2019
JAI’s newest multi-spectral prism cameras deliver 23% to 146% more resolution than previous models at 4X to 7.5X higher frame rates

PoliSpectra® M116 provides simultaneous acquisition breakthrough in UV-NIR spectroscopy

NOVEMBER 6, 2019
New Coin Cell Style Electric Double-Layer Supercapacitors Provide Memory Backup in Circuits up to 6.3WVDC

NOVEMBER 5, 2019
Saelig Introduces Versatile 120W Triple Output Programmable Power Supply for Automated Test Applications

NOVEMBER 4, 2019
Introducing the IncOder™ Inductive Angle Encoder from Zettlex

OCTOBER 31, 2019
Convenience Outlets Redefined

OCTOBER 29, 2019
Saelig Adds New Dual-Channel Rigol DG2000 Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Saelig Debuts New 200MHz DS1202Z-E to RIGOL's Popular DS1000Z Series Oscilloscopes

Teledyne DALSA extends its Xtium2 frame grabber series with low-cost, feature-rich CLHS model

OCTOBER 23, 2019
Graduating from Spreadsheets to a True LIMS

OCTOBER 16, 2019
Accelerated Technology Laboratories is Excited to Introduce Monitor Plus, a Wireless Environmental Monitoring Solution, to Its LIMS Products

OCTOBER 14, 2019
Need help coupling two parallel shafts?

OCTOBER 8, 2019
Teledyne DALSA’s newest LWIR camera excels in machine vision applications

ATL to Exhibit and Host LIMS Breakfast Briefing at the 2019 AWWA WQTC in Dallas

OCTOBER 1, 2019
Electromate Inc. made it to the 2019 List of Best Workplaces™ for Millennials

SEPTEMBER 26, 2019
New 5 MP Polarization Cameras: A New Tool in Industrial Imaging

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019
Top 10 Reasons to Purchase a LIMS

SEPTEMBER 19, 2019
ATL to Present and Exhibit its LIMS and Laboratory Automation Solutions at the 2019 Gulf Coast Conference

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019
New Yorker Electronics Releases New Lite-On Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers

BitFlow Partners with One Box Vision to Develop Cost-Effective PackFlow™ Packaging Inspection Bundle

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019
Teledyne Imaging’s newest cameras deliver true 16M resolution, global shutter and a compact C-mount lens

ATL to Partner on Economic Development Initiative to Promote LIMS at WEFTEC 2019

Gowanda Expands Broadband Conical Product Line

Teledyne brings its advanced defense capabilities to DSEI 2019

Automation Fair in Vancouver, BC on November 6, 2019

AUGUST 28, 2019
Saelig Introduces Compact VSG2G5C USB 2.5GHz RF Vector Signal Generator

AUGUST 25, 2019
Linear Motion Systems and the Ideal Choice for Running Two Systems in Parallel

AUGUST 21, 2019

A LIMS Primer for the Cannabis Industry

AUGUST 15, 2019
Saelig Introduces QianLi LC-IRP01 Thermal/Visible Microscope For PCB Repair

AUGUST 14, 2019
Saelig Introduces Rigol MSO8000 2GHz 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope Series

AUGUST 12, 2019
New Yorker Electronics Releases Moxie Current Compensated Frame Core Power Line Chokes

AUGUST 8, 2019
Super Compact EMC Filter FMAD NEO 3-Phase plus Neutral

AUGUST 7, 2019
BitFlow Debuts NVIDIA-Powered CoaXPress Embedded Vision Solution at Laser World Of Photonics

AUGUST 5, 2019
IC Express: Capture Control for High-speed Image Acquisition

JULY 30, 2019
Sleek Design High Sensitivity Spectrograph Complements Any Lab Environment

Teledyne DALSA’s advanced Sherlock vision system software now includes Shape Extraction

JULY 28, 2019
Digital Servo Amplifiers for Embedded Applications

JULY 26, 2019
ATL to Exhibit Its LIMS and Laboratory Automation Solutions at the 2019 WEASC Laboratory Workshop

JULY 24, 2019
LIMS: A Critical Tool for Today's Environmental Laboratory

JULY 23, 2019
JAI adds 4 more microscopy cameras offering enhanced suppression of dust/FODs

JULY 16, 2019
JAI’s new 4K trilinear color line scan camera has 10 GigE interface

JULY 9, 2019
Saelig Introduces T3RC Rogowski Coil Current Probes For A.C. or Fast Pulse Current Measurements

JULY 3, 2019
JAI launches Go Series polarization camera with GigE Vision interface

JULY 1, 2019
New Harmonic Drive FHA-C Mini 24V Servo Actuator with Dual Absolute Encoder and Panel Mount connectors!

“Fluorescence in Industry” Chapter Discusses Using Photon Counting Instrumentation for Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement

JUNE 26, 2019
LIMS: The Backbone to Your Quality Management System

JUNE 7, 2019
Is CoaXPress the Future of Autonomous Vehicle Camera Safety Systems?

JUNE 6, 2019
New 12 MP Cameras with Sony IMX226 Sensors

SCHURTER Becomes Even More Green with Solar Energy

ATL to Present and Exhibit at the CWEA Tri-Counties Workshop on June 13th

JUNE 3, 2019
New 20mm Linear Stepper Motor now available from Nippon Pulse

MAY 30, 2019
Saelig Introduces Economical SAE106S Digital PCB Microscope

Saelig Introduces Java-on-a-Chip For Fast Controller Development

New Genie Nano-CXP Cameras offer Unprecedented Speed and High Resolution

MAY 22, 2019
The LIMS Project - Putting Together a Winning Team

MAY 14, 2019
New high-speed and high-sensitivity Linea HS TDI camera for vision applications

MAY 13, 2019
ADVANCED Motion Controls introduces the FE060-25-EM – FlexPro™ Digital Servo Drive

MAY 9, 2019
ATL to Exhibit at the 2019 Canadian Water Summit on May 30th

MAY 7, 2019
New Yorker Electronics Releases Ultra-Miniature KXF Capacitor Series with Long Life

MAY 6, 2019
EMI Filter - FMAB HV - 1-phase 277 VAC / 400 VDC Applications

MAY 2, 2019
BitFlow Maintains Long Term Microsoft Windows Support for CoaXPress and Camera Link Frame Grabbers

MAY 1, 2019
New Yorker Electronics Supplies Electrocube RC Networks Resistor-Capacitor Circuits

APRIL 30, 2019
Saelig Introduces Economical Versatile Siglent SDL1000X/X-E Series Programmable DC Loads

New versatile multiline cameras enable 5 Gpix/sec high-speed imaging for demanding vision applications

Teledyne DALSA to showcase industry leading CMOS X-ray detectors at CMEF 2019

APRIL 29, 2019
New Release: IC Barcode for Linux 64 Bit X86

APRIL 26, 2019
JAI introduces 4-CMOS prism based RGB + NIR line scan camera with 10 GigE interface

APRIL 25, 2019
Event Focused on Building Best Practices for Sampling, Extraction and Analysis

DIY Evaluation Boards DKIH-EVB

ATL to Present and Exhibit its LIMS and Laboratory Automation Solutions at the 2019 FSEA Spring Meeting

APRIL 24, 2019
New Yorker Electronics Offering N2Power Solutions’ New "Optimized Power Systems Manufacturing"

Gowanda Expands Capabilities with Addition of REM-tronics

Teledyne Imaging to showcase its advanced mapping, object recognition and tracking technology at AUVSI 2019

LIMS and the Cloud - A Compelling and Cost-Effective Combination for the Laboratory

APRIL 21, 2019
New Washdown Servo Gearboxes from Gam

APRIL 18, 2019
Good-Ark Semiconductor Distributes new Current Regulating Diodes through New Yorker Electronics

APRIL 17, 2019
Thermal fuse RTS now also available with shunt

APRIL 16, 2019
Teledyne to showcase its VIS-LWIR fusion capability at SPIE’s Defense and Commercial Sensing Exhibition

APRIL 15, 2019
Klaus Weyer named new chief executive of Sercos International

APRIL 11, 2019
New EC-i 30 20W with Integrated Electronics from maxon

APRIL 9, 2019
Open Fluorescence Workshop Topics Include Materials Science/Nanotechnology, Analytical/Chemometrics, and Bio- and Medical Research

APRIL 8, 2019
New Yorker Electronics to Distribute Conduction-Cooled Capacitors with new Mounting Option

APRIL 5, 2019
Saelig Introduces Euroquartz Miniature SMD Temperature-compensated Crystal Oscillators For Real-time Clock Applications

Saelig Introduces Hioki PQ3198 Power Quality Analyzer For Easy Investigations of Power Characteristics and Problems

APRIL 4, 2019
New vision sensor targets error proofing, identification and robotic guidance applications

APRIL 2, 2019
Saelig Introduces R5x50 Real-Time 8/18/27GHz Spectrum Analyzers

New high-speed GigE Vision cameras enable smooth transition from CCD to CMOS imaging

APRIL 1, 2019
New Yorker Electronics is Now Franchise Distributor for Inolux Corporation

MARCH 28, 2019
New 20x Optical Zoom Cameras and New Dates for HALCON & MERLIC Seminars

Teledyne Imaging’s latest industrial vision solutions featured at Automate 2019

MARCH 26, 2019
Open Fluorescence Workshop Topics Include Materials Science/Nanotechnology, Analytical/Chemometrics, and Bio- and Medical Research

MARCH 25, 2019
Saelig Introduces PicoScope 4 Channel 5GHz Sampler-Extended Real Time Oscilloscope

MARCH 22, 2019
New VLM Servo Motors for value conscious applications

MARCH 20, 2019
New Vishay Space-Saving Ultrabright LEDs Produce High Luminous Flux and Intensity

ATL to Present at the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference - East on April 10th

MARCH 19, 2019

ATL to Present at the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference - East on April 10th

MARCH 15, 2019
JAI introduces new 3-CMOS prism based color line scan camera with 10 GigE interface

400 VDC IEC Connector System GP21 / GS21 is now UL approved

MARCH 14, 2019
New Liquid Cold Plates Supply Cooling for High-Powered Electronics

New 3D laser profiler series excels at in-line measurement and inspection tasks

MARCH 13, 2019
SCHURTER to Showcase the First UL Approved IEC 400 VDC Couplers at Data Center World 2019

MARCH 12, 2019
New EC-i 52XL 200W High Torque Brushless Servo Motor from maxon

ATL to Partner with Evantec Scientific at the 2019 CWEA Annual Conference

MARCH 11, 2019
ATL to Present and Exhibit at PITTCON 2019

MARCH 7, 2019
Saelig Launches Euroquartz Surface-mount Miniature Highly Stable Oscillators

Series 4751-2, 4 & 6 Packs of IEC appliance outlets

MARCH 6, 2019
Teledyne DALSA and Teledyne e2v join as Teledyne Imaging at Vision China Shanghai

MARCH 5, 2019
Teledyne DALSA to showcase its proven dynamic X-ray detectors at IDS 2019

Migrating from Labworks® LIMS – Best Practices from the Field

MARCH 4, 2019
Saelig Introduces Clamp Meters For AC Currents Up To 2000A

ATL to Present at the 2019 Cannabis Sciences Virtual Event on March 27th

FEBRUARY 27, 2019
New Type RA, Stacked Polyester Capacitors Supplies High Energy Density for High Ripple Current Applications

Multi-Parameter Volumetric/Mass Gas Flow Controller

FEBRUARY 26, 2019
Broadband Conicals with Current Rating up to 10 Amps will Launch at OFC

FEBRUARY 21, 2019
The Imaging Source to Make its Debut at Embedded World 2019

LIMS and Mobile Technology - Innovations in the Field

FEBRUARY 19, 2019
New Yorker Electronics is Releasing the New Innodisk NVMe 3D TLC NAND DRAM-Less SSD

FEBRUARY 18, 2019
New LCR16 Series Linear Rotary Actuator, 35mm stroke, 24VDC operation with 5 micron encoder

FEBRUARY 14, 2019
Saelig Introduces Ruggedized Spectran XFR V5 PRO Realtime Spectrum Analyzer

FEBRUARY 13, 2019
BitFlow CL Frame Grabbers Demonstrate Cost Savings in Multi-Camera Imaging Solutions

FEBRUARY 12, 2019
Saelig Introduces R5500 Real-Time 8/18/27GHz Spectrum Analyzers

Eighth Annual “Leadership in Automation” Award Recognizes Teledyne DALSA as “First Team” Honoree

Teledyne releases its proven high-resolution industrial x-ray detector at NDTMA’s Annual Conference

FEBRUARY 11, 2019
Saelig Introduces D20305G RF Downconverter to Extend the Range of Existing Spectrum Analyzers

FEBRUARY 5, 2019
New Yorker Electronics Features Vishay Thick/Thin Film Mission-Critical Resistors

Modular Turnkey Systems Add Spectroscopy to any Microscope

FEBRUARY 1, 2019
The most versatile Power Entry Module yet

JANUARY 31, 2019
Teledyne DALSA’s new multi-camera GEVA 400 vision system features Intel quad-core ATOM architecture

JANUARY 30, 2019
XGT-9000 Combines New Imaging Technology with High Sensitivity for High Speed Analysis of Foreign Materials in one Instrument

JANUARY 28, 2019
Saelig Introduces Economical Siglent SDS5000X 350MHz-1GHz Oscilloscopes

JANUARY 25, 2019
Machine Vision - Your Way: Customized Cameras

Lite-On Semiconductor Signs New Yorker Electronics as Franchise Distributor

JANUARY 24, 2019
New Industrial Grade Optical Encoder from Quantum Devices

JANUARY 23, 2019
Saelig Introduces TGF4000 Series 14/16-Bit Advanced Arbitrary Signal Generators With Outputs to 240MHz

LIMS: Beyond Sample Testing and Tracking

JANUARY 22, 2019
ATL to Present and Exhibit at PITTCON 2019

JANUARY 17, 2019
Is 2019 the Year Machine Vision Connects with the IIoT?

JANUARY 16, 2019

JANUARY 15, 2019
New Yorker Electronics to Release Newly Enhanced Vishay Capacitors Enhanced to 500V Rated Voltage, 5000h Useful Life

JANUARY 10, 2019
New AB25A100 Panel Mount Servo Drive Provides Centralized Control & Offers High Bandwidth & Quick Response Times

JANUARY 8, 2019
Saelig Introduces Compact VSG6G1C USB 6GHz RF Vector Signal Generator

JANUARY 6, 2019
JVL Integrated Motors Feature Fast and Easy Setup for Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley PLC’s

DECEMBER 28, 2018
Customizable Lintech 100 Series Screw Driven Linear Stages Ship In 1 Week

DECEMBER 27, 2018
New IHLE Power Inductors from New Yorker Electronics Feature Integrated e-Shield

DECEMBER 19, 2018
Saelig Introduces Innovative IkaLogic SP2 Logic Analyzers

DECEMBER 18, 2018
Saelig Introduces Flicker Spectrometer To Quantify Light Flicker Measurements

Using a LIMS to Solve Today's Most Common Laboratory Challenges

DECEMBER 14, 2018
UAI 1206 “Trace in Air” Chip fuse for highest demands

DECEMBER 13, 2018
DKIH-4 High Current Choke

DECEMBER 12, 2018
New 20 MP GigE and USB 3 Cameras

New Yorker Electronics Releases Mission-Critical Precision Thin Film Chip Resistors

DECEMBER 11, 2018
SHF 6.3x32 Compact High Performance Fuse with Extended Range

DECEMBER 10, 2018
Saelig Introduces Economical Siglent SDS2000X-E 200/350MHz Oscilloscopes

DECEMBER 9, 2018
Laboratory Testing Inc. Receives Nadcap Accreditation for Z2 Low Stress Grinding & Polishing

DECEMBER 6, 2018
N2Power and New Yorker Electronics Sign Distribution Agreement for Advanced Power Supplies

DECEMBER 4, 2018
JAI’s latest Spark Series camera provides 12.4 megapixels over USB3 Vision interface

NOVEMBER 30, 2018
Teledyne image sensors power cameras onboard NASA’s InSight Mission to Mars

NOVEMBER 29, 2018
Saelig Introduces USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Isolator For Electrical Isolation of USB Ports

NOVEMBER 28, 2018
New Yorker Electronics Releases Miniature 300W Non-Inductive, Low-Profile Chassis Mount Heat Sink Resistor from RCD

NOVEMBER 27, 2018
Saelig Introduces Professional Multimeter With Built-in Infrared Camera

NOVEMBER 25, 2018
Galil DMC-40x0 Series Programmable Motion Controller for Servo and Stepper Motors

NOVEMBER 21, 2018
SUT-H 6.3x32 mm ceramic fuse sustains high inrush currents

NOVEMBER 20, 2018
Lab Automation Today: Five Key Trends Currently Impacting Your Laboratory

Teledyne DALSA’s proven and best-in-class CMOS X-ray detectors highlighted at RSNA 2018

Teledyne DALSA and Teledyne e2v to demonstrate their best-in-class vision solutions as Teledyne Imaging at ITE 2018

NOVEMBER 19, 2018
Sercos Robo-based Tic-Tac-Toe Demo at SPS Show

NOVEMBER 15, 2018
New Yorker Electronics Becomes Authorized Distributor for CIT Relay & Switch

Saelig Announces Improved Isolated High Voltage 4-Ch 200MHz Oscilloscope

Saelig Introduces Economical Teledyne Test Tools (T3) Range of Test Equipment

Teledyne DALSA Showcases Industrial Vision Solutions at Rockwell's Automation Fair

NOVEMBER 7, 2018
JAI unveils microscopy solutions featuring the latest prism color camera technology

New Yorker Electronics Releases Planar Choke Inductor Delivering Same Performance as Wirewounds in Fraction of Space

NOVEMBER 6, 2018
Saelig Introduces RMS-06x0 For Radiated Power Measurements Without An Anechoic Chamber

NOVEMBER 5, 2018
Exor’s eX700 series features Harsh Environment Operation

NOVEMBER 1, 2018
Laboratory Informatics & Automation: Advances in Today's Intelligent Laboratory

OCTOBER 30, 2018
New 3 & 5 MP Board-level, Global-Shutter Cameras

Saelig Introduces Economical Siglent SSG3000X 2.1GHz/3.2GHz RF Signal Generators

Automating Cannabis Testing with LIMS

Teledyne DALSA introduces its Linea ML CMOS multiline cameras for high-speed vision applications

OCTOBER 29, 2018
General Manager Hired to Oversee TACTIC Division of Laboratory Testing Inc.

BitFlow Unveils First CXP v2.0 Frame Grabbers at VISION 2018 in Stuttgart

OCTOBER 28, 2018
The World’s Most Compact 3000 W Integrated Servo Motor

OCTOBER 25, 2018
Compact, High Performance 3-Phase Block Filter

Teledyne DALSA introduces its next generation family of frame grabbers for high-performance image acquisition

ATL to Exhibit & Host LIMS Executive Breakfast Briefing at the 2018 AWWA WQTC in Toronto, Ontario CANADA

OCTOBER 23, 2018
Rectron Semiconductor and New Yorker Electronics Sign New Distribution Agreement

Teledyne Imaging to showcase its latest innovations for the industry’s most demanding applications at Vision 2018

OCTOBER 16, 2018
New Yorker Electronics Releases New Self-Healing Board Level Capacitors from ASC

OCTOBER 15, 2018
Interconnect Solutions from the Advanced® Tool Box on display at electronica 2018

OCTOBER 11, 2018
New USBPxx-S1/DCR Linear DC Regulator for USBPGF-S1, USBPBP-S1, USBPHP-S1 or the USBPIA-S1

OCTOBER 8, 2018
ATL to Exhibit its LIMS and Laboratory Automation Solutions at the 2018 FSEA Fall Meeting

ServoStep Integrated Stepper Motor in size NEMA 17, torque up to 0.8 Nm

OCTOBER 4, 2018
Saelig Introduces Teledyne LeCroy Sodera LE Bluetooth Protocol and Power Analyzer

JAI's newest Spark Series 12.4-megapixel camera delivers 64.6 fps over Camera Link interface

OCTOBER 3, 2018
BitFlow Expects Launch of First CoaXPress v2.0 Frame Grabbers by 1st Quarter 2019

SEPTEMBER 27, 2018
Saelig Introduces PicoSource AS108 8GHz RF Signal Generator

IEC Appliance Outlet with up to Four Light Pipes

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018
LIMS Case Study: Growing Success in Agriculture

SEPTEMBER 25, 2018
Sequence, Inc. Achieves ATL Certified Delivery Partner Status for LIMS and Laboratory Automation Solutions

SEPTEMBER 24, 2018
POSITAL Sensors – Precision Feedback for Collaborative Robots

SEPTEMBER 19, 2018
ATL to Present and Exhibit its LIMS and Laboratory Automation Solutions at the 2018 Gulf Coast Conference

SEPTEMBER 18, 2018
New 9 & 12 MP Industrial Cameras with GigE ix Industrial® Ethernet Interface

Saelig Introduces Modulated RF Power Amplifiers For EMC Pre-compliance Testing

Teledyne DALSA expands its area camera series with the industry’s first 5 Gigabit, GigE Vision models

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018
Saelig Introduces Janz Tec Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Embedded and Panel Computers With Long-term Availability

SEPTEMBER 11, 2018
Saelig Introduces New Rigol DG800/900 16-bit AWGs With Advanced Features

Revolutionary Fixed Grating Spectrograph provides superior performance and affordability

SEPTEMBER 10, 2018
JAI A/S at Vision Stuttgart 2018 – Preview information.

Nominations Are Being Accepted for RHSTAR 2018 to Promote Humanitarian Applications of Science and Technology

Top 10 Reasons to Purchase a LIMS

HORIBA Optical Spectroscopy Center Provides Larger Space, New Labs and Production Facilities

New Product Press Release:  QTR Series Torque Motors by Tecnotion

BitFlow to Sponsor Live Webinar on Infrared and Hyperspectral Machine Vision in Food & Beverage Inspection

AUGUST 30, 2018
Saelig Introduces AFV-P Series Programmable AC Power Supplies With DC Output and Precision Measurement Capabilities

AUGUST 28, 2018
Metal Line switch with enhanced luminous ring

SCHURTER Showcases new circuit protection devices for battery applications at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Expo

AUGUST 27, 2018
New Compact Positioning Controller communicates via EtherCAT

AUGUST 24, 2018
Saelig Introduces BNC Model 865 40GHz Microwave Signal Generator Range

AUGUST 22, 2018
Top 10 Reasons to Purchase a LIMS

AUGUST 21, 2018
ATL to Present and Exhibit at the 2018 Ohio AWWA/WEA One Water Conference & Expo

AUGUST 14, 2018
MGA-A COTS+ 1206 SMD fuse is lead-free, thwarts tin whiskers and dendrites

AUGUST 9, 2018
New Planetary Robotic Gearbox from GAM

AUGUST 6, 2018
Key Account Manager Joins the Sales Team at Laboratory Testing Inc.

AUGUST 1, 2018
Saelig Introduces the ABI BoardMaster-RM Universal

ATL to Present and Exhibit at the 2018 Ohio AWWA/WEA One Water Conference & Expo

JULY 31, 2018
New Power-Off Brakes for NEMA 17 & NEMA 23 Servo and Step Motors

JULY 27, 2018
10 New GigE Models with Pregius and STARVIS Sensors

JULY 26, 2018
DD12 Filtered Power Entry Module with Extended Mounting Options and Integrated Ground Line Choke for Optimized Suppression of HF Interference

JULY 25, 2018
New Pulse Capacitor Combines High Dielectric Constant with Increased Stability

Customer Spotlight: Our Journey to a New LIMS

JULY 24, 2018
CoaXPress Vision Standard Brings Unmatched Speed and Resolution to Defense & Aerospace Industries

JULY 20, 2018
New Miniature Spiral Bevel Gearboxes from Gam

Laboratory Testing Inc. Acquires TAC Technical Instrument Corp. of New Jersey

JULY 18, 2018
ATL Achieves Validated Software Provider Status for METRC in Four States

JULY 17, 2018
Teledyne Portable Digital Radiography Systems featured at ASNT’s Digital Imaging and Ultrasonics Conference 2018

JULY 16, 2018
JAI adds new 12.4-megapixel camera to Spark Series

JULY 12, 2018
Sercos Monitor: Update available now

JULY 10, 2018
Saelig Introduces Waterproof 6-axis Acceleration and Angular Rate Sensor

JULY 4, 2018
Automated Screw Thread Quality Checking using SMAC LAR55 Actuator

JULY 3, 2018
Next gen power entry module with IEC inlet and circuit breaker is IP 67

JULY 2, 2018
JAI introduces high-speed 4K prism color line scan camera

JUNE 28, 2018
Saelig Introduces Economical SVA1015X 1.5GHz Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzer

Saelig Introduces Teledyne LeCroy Mercury T2C/T2P USB2.0 Protocol and Power Analyzers

JUNE 27, 2018
Getting More From Your LIMS and Knowing When It's Time to Upgrade

JUNE 26, 2018
New Facility Provides Larger Space, New Labs and Production Facilities

JUNE 23, 2018
Maxon’s New EPOS Programmable Smart Drive/Controller -- Positioning Made Easy

JUNE 20, 2018
Saelig Debuts Feature-Rich 3/6/12GHz RF Analog Signal Generators

JUNE 13, 2018
Saelig Introduces New Rigol 7000 Series 100/500MHz 10GSa/s Oscilloscopes

JUNE 7, 2018
Saelig Introduces Economical Modulated RF Power Amplifiers For Pre-compliance Testing

JUNE 6, 2018
20 A Power Entry Module, C20F with V-Lock Cord Retention and Enhanced Glow Wire Resistance Now Offered as Standard Features

JUNE 5, 2018
Saelig Introduces Economical Programmable 128W Power Supply With 1mV/1mA Precision

MAY 31, 2018
Teledyne DALSA’s LWIR Imaging Solutions Featured at Eurosatory 2018

MAY 29, 2018

Engineering TouchKit for PCAP Touch Screen Development

MAY 27, 2018
New EtherCAT Drive from Galil Motion Control

MAY 23, 2018
LIMS in the Cloud: The Case for Migrating Your LIMS to Software as a Service (SaaS)

PSUP 24 VDC -- Universal switching power supply accessorizes Metal Line illuminated switches

MAY 22, 2018
Saelig Introduces LoRa/FSK Smart Modem Transceiver

Gowanda Expands Magnetics Offerings with Acquisition of HiSonic

MAY 21, 2018
Saelig Introduces KwikDraw-A Consoles With Multiscreen Choices

Saelig Introduces UHF Narrow Band Multi-channel Transceiver

MAY 17, 2018
CoaXPress 2.0: Twice the Speed, Lower Costs, Greater Flexibility

MAY 15, 2018
IC Barcode: Free SDK for Barcode Recognition


MAY 14, 2018
JAI’s introduces new Go Series polarization camera

MAY 6, 2018
Complete Guided Motion Solutions from A to X-Y-Z

MAY 3, 2018
ATL to Exhibit its LIMS and Laboratory Automation Solutions at the 2018 FSEA Spring Meeting

MAY 1, 2018
Teledyne DALSA features uncooled LWIR Cameras at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018

APRIL 26, 2018
Electromate Inc. Recognized as a Best Workplace™ in Canada

APRIL 25, 2018
Graduating from Spreadsheets to a True LIMS

APRIL 24, 2018
JAI adds three 1.6-megapixel 3-CMOS prism-based area scan cameras to its Apex Series.

Saelig Introduces Berkeley Nucleonics 765 Ultra-Fast Rise Time Pulse Generator

APRIL 23, 2018
Power Industrial Laser Diodes for Material Processing & Laser Cutting Applications

High Performance Servo Gearbox is ideal for Cyclic or Continuous High Speed Applications


APRIL 18, 2018
ATL to Exhibit LIMS Solutions at the 2018 TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair & Conference

APRIL 12, 2018
Teledyne DALSA features uncooled LWIR Cameras at Defense and Commercial Sensing Exhibition

APRIL 11, 2018
Teledyne DALSA’s multi-line CMOS camera honored with Gold Innovators Award

APRIL 10, 2018
JAI’s 3.2-megapixel multi-sensor 3-CMOS cameras now available with GigE Vision interface and Mini Camera Link interface.

Zero-Backlash Servo Rotary Indexing Table from Sankyo Automation

Saelig Introduces Teledyne LeCroy HVD3000A Series 1-6kV High-Voltage Differential Probes

Teledyne DALSA’s New Area Cameras Feature Sony IMX250MZR Polarized Image Sensor

APRIL 6, 2018
BitFlow Predicts Vision-Guided Robotics to Become Major Disruptive Force in Global Manufacturing

APRIL 3, 2018
ATL to Kickoff Partnership with Evantec Scientific at the 2018 CWEA Annual Conference

Saelig Introduces Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3000z 4-channel 1GHz Oscilloscope Range

APRIL 1, 2018
Introducing the CBL35C Programmable Electric Moving Coil Servo Actuator from SMAC Corporation

MARCH 29, 2018
Teledyne DALSA will display its most advanced multi-line CMOS camera at The Vision Show, April 10th to 12th

MARCH 28, 2018
Compact DIN-Rail Filter

MARCH 27, 2018
LIMS: The Key to Lean Laboratory Management

MARCH 23, 2018
ATL to Present at the 2018 Cannabis Sciences Online Conference on March 28th

MARCH 22, 2018
Sercos Presents Advanced Technology at 2018 Hanover Fair

MARCH 20, 2018
ATL Announces Appointment of Steve Chase as Chief Executive Officer

MARCH 17, 2018
Advanced Motion Controls Announce 6 New Servo Drives capable of 100A peak and 60A continuous output

MARCH 15, 2018
Revolutionary Two-In-One Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer Honored for Ingenuity and Innovation

MARCH 9, 2018
IEC Appliance Outlets Provide Space and Cost-Saving Solutions for Intelligent PDUs

SCHURTER Showcases new power connectors for PDU and ICT Equipment at Data Center World 2018

MARCH 7, 2018
When LIMS Projects Go Right: Using a Needs Assessment to Achieve ROI Sooner

MARCH 1, 2018
BitFlow to Demonstrate Leadership in Frame Grabbers at Laser World of Photonics China

FEBRUARY 28, 2018
ATL and SciCord Partner to Rollout Integrated LIMS-ELN Solution at 2018 PITTCON

Saelig Introduces Economical Smartphone-based Thermal Cameras

FEBRUARY 27, 2018
DD14 Power Entry Module with double-stage filter

Saelig Launches New Crystal Oscillators With Four Switchable Frequencies and Low Jitter

FEBRUARY 26, 2018
Electromate is pleased to announce it will be hosting two Robotic Symposiums

FEBRUARY 21, 2018
When LIMS Projects Go Right: Using a Needs Assessment to Achieve ROI Sooner

FEBRUARY 19, 2018
CRAIC Technologies Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

FEBRUARY 14, 2018
Revolutionary Two-In-One Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer Offers More Value Plus Many Unique Benefits

President's thoughts at the beginning of 2018

FEBRUARY 13, 2018
ATL to Exhibit and Present at PITTCON 2018

FEBRUARY 9, 2018
CRAIC Technologies Lights Up With Photoluminescence Microspectroscopy

FEBRUARY 8, 2018
Reflowable Thermal Switch – RTS – Protects against Thermal Runaway

IC USB 3 to 10 GigE Software Converter

FEBRUARY 6, 2018
Galil Motion Control Introduces The Galil Design Kit (GDK)

ATL Announces Promotion of Tara Holada to Vice President of Development and Support Services

AnywhereRaman Plug and Play Unit Combines Ease with High Quality Raman Measurements

JANUARY 31, 2018
JAI adds high-speed trilinear to its line scan camera offering

JANUARY 30, 2018
Saelig Intros Teledyne LeCroy's quantumdata 280 HDTV A/V Test Set

Teledyne DALSA Recognized as First Team Honoree in Leadership in Automation Program

JANUARY 26, 2018
ATL to Exhibit and Present at PITTCON 2018

JANUARY 24, 2018
Critical Keys to Success When Transitioning to a New LIMS

Shielded Surface Mount Inductors with Established Reliability

JANUARY 23, 2018
ATL Announces Promotion of Scott Krieger to Director of New Professional Services Team

JANUARY 22, 2018
New 60mm OD Frameless Brushless Servo Motor Kits from Maxon

JANUARY 18, 2018
Saelig Introduces RSA5000 3.2/6.5GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

JANUARY 17, 2018
Multi-Functional Microspectrophotometer Featuring UV-Visible-NIR, Photoluminescence, Raman and Polarization Microspectra™

JANUARY 16, 2018
Lab Automation: Advances and Trends in the Water/Wastewater Market

More Connectivity, More Devices: New BitFlow BitBox™ is Optimal I/O Solution for Machine Vision

JANUARY 15, 2018
Announcing 6 New Servo Drives capable of 100A peak and 60A continuous output

JANUARY 12, 2018
Laboratory Testing Inc. Hires Key Account Manager

JANUARY 11, 2018
Teledyne DALSA’s new 1.3M cameras optimized for price and performance

JANUARY 10, 2018
Saelig Introduces Compact 6GHz USB RF Vector Spectrum Analyzer

JANUARY 9, 2018
Advanced Interconnections Completes Transition to New ISO 9001:2015 Standard

JANUARY 8, 2018
New multi-sensor 3-CMOS prism-based area scan camera with exceptionally accurate color image data

JANUARY 6, 2018
New 43mm OD Frameless Brushless Servo Motor Kits from Maxon

JANUARY 4, 2018
ATL to Present its LIMS and Laboratory Automation Solutions at the 2018 Gulf Coast Conference

DECEMBER 27, 2017
Lab Automation: Advances and Trends in the Water/Wastewater Market

DECEMBER 21, 2017
Saelig Intros Economical EMI Tent Enclosures For Benchtop Precompliance Tests

DECEMBER 19, 2017
Laboratory Testing Inc. Announces Promotion to Business Development Manager

IC Measure: Software for Image Capture and On-Screen Measurement

DECEMBER 6, 2017
SCHURTER Expands on Approval and Compliance Information on Product Data Sheets

DECEMBER 4, 2017
Laboratory Testing Inc. Hires a Senior Fracture Mechanics Manager

NOVEMBER 28, 2017
Obtain continuous measurements in water extraction and other applications

NOVEMBER 27, 2017
Saelig Intros Economical 4-Channel 100/200MHz SDS1000X-E "Super Phosphor" Oscilloscopes

Saelig Introduces Multiplexed Matrix Switch and SmartSwitch for PCB Tester

NOVEMBER 26, 2017
CANopen Brushless Servo Amplifiers establish a new benchmark in versatility

NOVEMBER 24, 2017
Sercos-on-a-Stick: Experience Sercos in minutes

Sercos Presents a Rally Racing Simulator at SPS IPC Drives

The High Performance Apollo II™ Raman Microspectrometer from CRAIC Technologies

NOVEMBER 22, 2017
6 MP Single-board Camera

Saelig Announces Extended PicoScope 9300 Sampling Oscilloscope Range

NOVEMBER 20, 2017
New Frameless Brushless Servo Motor Kits from Maxon

NOVEMBER 17, 2017
Cartridge fuse for use in cooking appliances according to UL 197

NOVEMBER 13, 2017
Saelig Intros New Economical 500MHz Dual-Channel AWGs From Siglent

NOVEMBER 7, 2017
Saelig Introduces Pico Technology Engine and Hydraulics Kit

NOVEMBER 3, 2017
Ultraviolet Laser Illumination for More Powerful Photoluminescent Microspectroscopy

OCTOBER 31, 2017
Scalable platform for imaging and spectroscopic analysis of nano-objects with SEM and dual SEM/Focused Ion Beam microscopes

OCTOBER 30, 2017

Sercos Presents Advanced Technology at SPS IPC Drives Show

OCTOBER 27, 2017
Invisible Waves RF-ResQ Antenna Signal Processor From Saelig Expands Usable RF Spectrum

Saelig Introduces Spectran V5 20GHz Realtime Spectrum Analyzer

OCTOBER 26, 2017
Teledyne Portable Digital Radiography Systems featured at ASNT Annual Conference

OCTOBER 24, 2017
Teledyne DALSA and Teledyne Optech together at ITS World Congress 2017

New PMDC Drives from ElectroCraft are 95% efficient

OCTOBER 20, 2017
Teledyne DALSA Presents on LWIR, Embedded Vision and Multi-modal Imaging at Stemmer Fall Tech Forums

OCTOBER 18, 2017
Saelig Introduces EMCView PC Software For EMC Pre-compliance Testing

OCTOBER 17, 2017
Saelig Introduces SAM40 24-Bit Data Acquisition for HDO Oscilloscopes

OCTOBER 16, 2017
SCHURTER Inc Escapes Wrath of Wine Country Wildfires

OCTOBER 12, 2017
Saelig Introduces GW Instek GPM-8213 AC Power Meter

OCTOBER 9, 2017
Improved version of the Sercos Monitor now available

OCTOBER 6, 2017
3D Stereo Camera System

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017
New AB25A100 Panel Mount Servo Drive Provides Centralized Control & Offers High Bandwidth & Quick Response Times

SEPTEMBER 26, 2017
Saelig Introduces Wireless 30MHz Scope-In-A-Probe

BitFlow Targets USB 3.1 Vision Users with New Aon-CXP CoaXPress Frame Grabber

SEPTEMBER 20, 2017
Saelig Introduces 3kW Electronic Load For Testing Fuel Cells

SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
Rapid Vitrinite Reflectance Measurements With GeoImage™ from CRAIC Technologies

Safely produce consistent, optimum power from your laser diode

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017
A-TEEM Combines Absorbance and Transmission with EEMs

SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
Calibrated Glass and Oil Standards for Glass Refractive Index Measurements

SEPTEMBER 11, 2017
Configurable Display Switch CDS1 for the most distinguished applications

Saelig Introduces RTSA7550 Real-Time 27GHz Spectrum Analyzers

AMC feature a complete family of POWERLINK Servo Amplifiers to 27.4kW Output

IEC Appliance outlet J with integrated light pipes is latest addition to SCHURTER range

Saelig Introduces All-In-One MDO-2000E Oscilloscope Series With Multiple Built-In Instruments

AUGUST 30, 2017
Patented Technology Combines Absorbance and Transmission with EEMs

AUGUST 29, 2017
IEC Appliance Outlet F for Intelligent PDUs and UPSs

AUGUST 28, 2017
New Integrated Electric Actuators rated to 500N max. thrust

AUGUST 25, 2017
New 12V DC Linear Actuator widely applied in 4x4 Vehicle and Sport Truck Slide Steps now available from Stock

AUGUST 23, 2017
Saelig Introduces Industrial Raspberry Pi Controller ComfilePi

AUGUST 21, 2017
Closed-Loop Integrated Stepper Motors feature magnetic or absolute encoder feedback

AUGUST 15, 2017
Laboratory Testing Inc. Hires an Inside Sales Manager

Saelig Introduces High VoltageHigh Efficiency 1500W Single-Channel Programmable DCSupplies with Multiple Features

AUGUST 11, 2017
Free Sercos SoftMaster now available in a ready-to-run package

AUGUST 7, 2017
Ambient Temperature Sensitivity Requires SMD Fuse Technology Uniquely Tailored for Each Application

AUGUST 4, 2017
Saelig Introduces Sol Chip Solar Power Modules

JULY 28, 2017
Deep-cooled High Speed Scientific Spectroscopy Camera Ideal for High Speed and Low Light Applications

Metal Line Switch Integrates Illumination in Smaller Diameter Pushbutton

Exor’s eTOP310 HMI features a 5 year warranty and supports more than 200 communication drivers

JULY 24, 2017
New Video Showcases Online Build-A-Part™ Product Configurator Tool

JULY 21, 2017
Kaizen, team cooperation and a great working environment help certify Electromate® as a Great Workplace

OPC UA Companion Standard for Sercos released

JULY 18, 2017
Saelig Introduces TekBox TBCGx Comb Generators For EMC Testing

Saelig Introduces PicoVNA 106 Low-Cost Vector Network Analyzer

JULY 17, 2017
Harsh Environment 20 Bit Resolution Absolute Encoders

JULY 12, 2017
New Uvisel Plus includes the next generation of FastAcq technology with increased measurement accuracy

JULY 11, 2017
New Ruggedized Capacitor from New Yorker Electronics is Designed for Long Life in Harsh Conditions

Saelig Debuts Isolated High Voltage 4-Ch 200MHz Oscilloscope

JULY 7, 2017
Solid State SMD Fuse for the Most Demanding Applications

JULY 4, 2017
Laboratory Testing Inc. Acquires Fracture Technology Associates

JUNE 28, 2017
Saelig Introduces Improved Universal USB I/O Controller

Roadmap to a Successful LIMS Needs Assessment

JUNE 27, 2017
Electromagnetic Brakes & Clutches for Motor Control

JUNE 23, 2017
Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor’s Advanced MEMS Prototyping and Production Featured at Sensors Expo 2017

JUNE 21, 2017
BitFlow Sponsors Purdue University Hyperloop Team as it Gears Up for Second SpaceX Competition

JUNE 20, 2017
Saelig Introduces Mercury™ T2C USB 2.0 & Power Delivery Protocol Analyzer With Type-C Connection

Sercos launches Chinese website

JUNE 16, 2017
Teledyne DALSA Expands its Xtium Frame Grabber Series with New CoaXPress Model

JUNE 14, 2017
100+ Attendees Enjoyed Presentations, Poster Sessions and Networking

JUNE 9, 2017
Saelig Introduces New Programmable DC Loads From Rigol

Metal Line switches glow with 7 luminescent multicolor options

JUNE 5, 2017
Precision Magnetic Encoders - Now Available with CANopen Interface

JUNE 2, 2017
Saelig Intros Teledyne LeCroy's WaveSurfer 510 4-Channel 1GHz 10GSa/s 32Mpt Touchscreen Oscilloscope

Metal Line switches glow with 7 luminescent multicolor options

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