Process Welding Systems, Inc.

Bill Hackney, Sales Manager
72 Buchanan Street
Lavergne, TN 37086
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PWS offers a comprehensive line of PLASMA and TIG welding power supplies, welding lathes, positioners, weld controllers, and torches for joining thin materials with repeatable quality and accuracy.

Plasma welding is used in applications ranging from welding of light bulb filaments and medical components to high amperage welding of components for aerospace structures. Affordable welding systems with amperages range from 0.1 to 50 amps and 1.0 to 150 amps are offered to join materials from 0.001" to .250" thickness.

Welding lathes and positioning devices provide part holding and torch positioning features required for close tolerance welding. Standard models and custom designed units are available to meet specific component configurations, including vertical and horizontal positioning.

Critical quality control concerns are addressed with Weld Process Controllers. The DT-100 from PWS offers the ability to program welding parameters for exact repeatability, automating the welding process. Equally suitable for use with Plasma or TIG power supplies, this unit allows for improved quality of finished components, reduces weld-set up times and rework thereby reducing manufacturing costs.

High quality plasma welding requires high performance plasma welding torches. Process Welding Systems plasma torches range from 20 amps to 300 amps for automatic or manual applications. Custom built torches and specialty torch tips (nozzles) are also available.

A complete weld lab is available for evaluation, design recommendations and sample welding. Let us evaluate your parts and recommend a joining solution.

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