Poly-Pipets, Inc.

375 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Phone: (201)894-8828
Fax: (201)567-5616
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Poly-Pipets, Inc. specializes in high quality, unbreakable, safe, and easy to use single-use disposable pipets designed to deliver the required volume of patient specimen or reagent for point-of-care testing, diagnostic kits, or clinical applications.

Exact Volume Pipets are now available in 20uL, 40uL, 50uL, 60uL, 80uL, 100uL, 150uL, 200uL, 250uL, 300uL, and 400uL drop volumes. Dispensing and spreading or stirring pipets can deliver a single drop from 20uL to 100uL, with a printed version going as low as 5uL or 10uL. Custom drop sizes, packaging and colors are all available to meet your exact needs.

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