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OPOTEK offers the widest range of efficient, compact and broadly tunable laser systems based on Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) technology. Our reliable and robust systems feature the smallest footprint in their category with tuning ranges from the ultraviolet to mid-infrared. OPOTEK recently introduced a new high repetition rate product series based on DPSS technology. All products are computer controlled via USB and designed for a variety of applications including photochemistry, photobiology, mass spectrometry, pharmaceutical processing and environmental monitoring.

In addition to the well-known line of tunable laser systems, OPOTEK is introducing the HySPEC™, a HyperSpectral Imaging instrument based on OPO technology. The HySPEC™ combines spectroscopy and imaging to create a powerful tool for identifying and quantifying components in complex mixtures. The system operates in the visible and NIR, collecting complete spectra in seconds. Applications include: pharmaceutical powders, tablets, biological samples, food, lotions, cloth, etc.

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