The Nest Group, Inc.

Amos Heckendorf, President
45 Valley Road
Southborough, MA 01772-1323
Phone: (508)481-6223
Phone: (800)347-6378
Fax: (508)485-5736
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The Nest Group, Inc., distributors of capillary & HPLC columns (Higgins Analytical: TARGA, CLIPEUS, PHALANX, PROTO300, PTC & CAPELLINI; Merck SeQuant: ZIC-HILIC, ZIC-cHILIC & ZIC-pHILIC; PolyLC: ERLIC, SCX & WAX; and Sepax-Tech: Zenix & SRT SEC); Harvard Apparatus: Micro-dialysis (BioDialyser, 96-Well Dialysis & Equilibrium Dialysis Plates), and MicroSample SPE (MiniSpin RPC, ERLIC, HILIC & SCX) for LC-MS desalting & phosphopeptide enrichment, offers applications support and pricing on our web site.
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