Magnetic Shield Corp.

Robert Dasso, Western Regional Sales Manager
Terrence Lannon, Eastern Regional Sales Manager
Don Lammersfeld, Engineer
740 N. Thomas Drive
Bensenville, IL 60106
Phone: (630)766-7800
Fax: (630)766-2813
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As of 2016, Magnetic Shield Corporation is celebrating 75 years of success! Our worldwide leading company supplies total solutions and technical expertise in developing thousands of solutions, manufacturing millions of custom fabricated shields to spec; using our refined proprietary shielding materials which are the most effective alloys available.

Our exclusive brand "MuMETAL®" alloy used for electro-magnetic interference (EMI) of very low frequencies is the Industry Standard specified by OEMs, Electrical Engineers, Design Engineers, consultants, scientists, inventors and students.

View our website catalog to learn more and see our NEW MuMETAL® product lines - MuMETAL® Cans, Cores, MuRoom®, Bars, and Deep Draw Annealed Coil today!

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