HORIBA Scientific

20 Knightsbridge Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: (732)494-8660
Phone: (866)562-4698
Fax: (732)549-5125
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Horiba Scientific is a world leader in Raman Spectroscopy, elemental analysis, fluorescence (including the PTI brand), GDS, ICP, X-Ray fluorescence, spectroscopic ellipsometry, forensics, sulfur-in-oil, water quality and particle characterizatin. We also provide components, custom and OEM soutions and worldwide support, and provide an extensive array of instruments and solutions for applications across a broad range of scientific R&D and QC measurements.

Our major products include Raman microscopes, AFM-Raman, transmission Raman, modular Raman systems and dedicated in-situ process Raman spectrometers. We also offer the world's most sensitive line of spectrofluorometers that are flexible, simple and affordable for steady-state or lifetime measurements. And, we manufacture components and instruments for spectroscopy, including monochromators, imaging spectrographs, light sources, accessories, CCDs, intensified CCDs, and NIR array detectors.

Building on a long tradition of pursuing innovative technology to advance scientific efforts, we have acquired renowned companies such as Société Générale d’Optique (1969), SPEX (1988), Dilor (1995), SOFIE (1996), Jobin Yvon (1997), IBH (2003), GenOptics (2009), and Photon Technology International (PTI) (2014).

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