Indigo Instruments

Stephan Logan, VP, Sales & Marketing
169 Lexington Court, Unit I (eye)
Waterloo, ON N2J 4R3
Phone: (519)746-4761
Phone: (877)746-4764
Fax: (519)747-5636
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Indigo® Instruments has been providing science education materials on-line since 1994.

Our extensive line of organic chemistry molecular model sets will allow you to build anything from simple organic compounds to biomolecules such as sugars, fats, carbon nanotubes and semiconductors or complex structures such as a DNA double helix model.

We specialize in N42 metric neodymium rare earth magnets with over 125 sizes of discs, rods, squares, cubes, rectangles and rings. Technical specifications include holding force and field strengths at 0, 0.1, 1.0, 10 & 100mm.

We offer magnifying glasses ranging from cost for education to high end achromatic triplet geology loupes for studying rocks, minerals & surface defects and custom imprinted magnifiers for business promotion.

Our basic science supplies include: pH indicator litmus test strips, peroxide, chlorine and moisture test papers, glass prisms, metal electrodes, test tube racks & more.

We also provide lab grade scientific glassware including beakers, graduated cylinders, flasks and test tubes, all made from borosilicate glass ("pyrex").

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