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Cryogenic labels for liquid nitrogen storage (-196°C), labels for dry ice transport . NitroTag™ cryo labels for bio-repositories and cell-banks, CryoStuck™ labels can be applied to already frozen tubes and frozen containers at -80°C, NitroRack™ Labels for identification of metal racks in liquid nitrogen and freezers, Xylene-resistant label, xylene-resistant ribbon, alcohol-resistant label, alcohol-resistant ribbon, alcohol-resistant markers, Cryo labels for laser and thermal printer, CryoTape™ tape for identification of samples in liquid nitrogen and freezers, Cryo FrosTape™ tape for applying to already frozen containers, CryoLaminate™ for laminating labels for cryogenic storage, NitroTough™ labels are wrap around cryogenic self-laminating labels. Cryogenic labels in sheet format for Inkjet color Printers. Autoclave resistant labels for laser printers and thermal transfer printers, formalin resistant tags.
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