FJW Optical Systems, Inc.

Barry Durr, General Manager
322 N. Woodwork Lane
Palatine, IL 60067-4933
Phone: (847)358-2500
Phone: (800)355-4FJW, (800)355-4359
Fax: (847)358-2500
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FJW Optical Systems, world-leading manufacturer of hand-held battery operated, self-contained, high-res. Find-R-Scope® lnfrared Viewers, Infrared Viewers/Cameras & Radiometric Thermal Imagers. IR Viewers sensitive from 350-1550nm. Vidicon VISNIR/SWlR/Camera sensitive 400-2200nm. Thermal Viewer 8-14 m. Great for inspecting IR diodes, aligning/profiling laser systems, research, biotech, forensics & document analysis.
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