FastPulse Technology, Inc.

Robert Goldstein, President
Lasermetrics Division
220 Midland Avenue
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
Phone: (973)478-5757
Phone: (800)449-3278
Fax: (973)478-6115
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Designers and manufacturers of high speed laser pulse control systems & components for gating, chopping, shaping and mode locked pulse extraction; Regenerative amplifiers seeding and cavity dumping. E-O intensity modulators, Q-switches and nanosecond risetime, 50 Ohm Pockels cells. Electronic drivers, high voltage nanosecond risetime pulse generators, Growth of E-O & non-linear crystals, SOL-GEL AR coatings. Faraday Rotators / Isolators for MID-IR Wavelengths.
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