Dendoff Springs Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Bob Morris, Sales & Marketing
12045 Old Yale Road
Surrey (Vancouver), BC V3V-3X4
Phone: (604)580-3400
Phone: (800)661-4205
Fax: (604)580-3600
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Coil and Leaf Springs - Dendoff Springs

Dendoff Springs is an accomplished spring manufacturer, supplying product to industry for over 100 years.

We are a leading manufacturer of coil and leaf springs, dedicated to supplying top quality springs at competitive prices. We serve a wide range of customers in the oil, automotive, railway, agricultural, forestry and mining industries throughout North America.

We specialize in custom orders, providing a diverse range of production capabilities and flexibility. Choosing Dendoff Springs Limited to supply quality custom manufactured springs will provide you with the following benefits; high quality spring products, competitive prices, prompt deliveries and dependable customer service.

Coil Spring Division - Our Coil Spring division manufactures all types of Coil springs - Compression, Extension and Torsion, cold and hot wound . We offer short order and large production runs and serve a wide range of industries.

Leaf Spring Division - Our Leaf Spring division manufactures a wide range of OE and aftermarket leaf springs and Flat forms. Leaf Springs for Vintage and Classic cars, Truck Leaf springs, Trailer leaf springs, Locomotive and Rail Car Leaf springs.

Parts Department - Our Parts Department carries a wide range of Suspension parts.

U-bolt Division - Our U-bolt division manufacturers square, semi-round, and round u-bolts from 3/8" diameter bar up to 1-1/2" diameter.

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