Boundless Security Systems, Inc.

Steve Morton, CEO, CTO
261 South Main Street
Unit #285
Newtown, CT 06470
Phone: (203)445-0562
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Outdoor Covert Cellular Smart uPTZ Cameras from Boundless Security Systems are, by a factor of ten, the world's smallest and lowest power, true-PTZ, outdoor covert cellular digital video surveillance systems. They are law-enforcement grade and highly optimized for solar- and battery-powered use with cellular networks. They are ideal for rapid-deployment, outdoor, government and commercial applications. Models are available as covert pole cameras and embeddable covert camera systems.

Boundless' Low Power, Ultra Low Bandwidth, 5 MP, Covert Outdoor Cellular Smart Micro-PTZ Camera Model 2 with Stranger Detector™ provides high-definition live and dual-stream, continuously internally recorded video. Its long range, motorized zoom lens enables reading a license plate at 450+ feet. Its evidentiary stream is 1920x1080 with high sharpness. With its continuous internal recording, it reduces cellular data usage by a staggering 250 GB/camera/month compared to streaming to a distant recorder. With continuous HD video capture and power dissipation as low as a mere 2 watts, it runs one day per pound of external LiFePO4 battery -- up to four weeks continuously on a single battery charge of a 12V 125AH LiFePO4 battery.

Boundless' patent-pending, forward-pivot uPTZ Camera™ movement is small, rugged and low power. It enables use with inconspicuous clear, covert windows less than one inch in diameter, avoiding light loss and blurring of conventional camera concealments, while providing large viewing angles.

Boundless provides many time-saving features. Boundless' optional, patent-pending, Rapid Review™ / Integrated Timelapse Software enables viewing an hour's recorded video over the air in only 30 seconds, with only a 3G cellular connection. Everyone loves this. Every hour, a timelapse video of the previous hour is created within the camera. It is integrated with our normal recorded video. Over the air, one views the timelapse video at very high speed, then drills down, clicking over to our normal recorded video for more details.

Boundless' patented, Stranger Detector™ SmartPhone WiFi Monitoring Locating System determines the presence of persons whose identities are unknown. It is a smartphone WiFi monitoring and rules-based analysis system that is integrated with our video. It listens for WiFi probes from mobile devices and can detect the presence or absence of a particular mobile device, and by extension, particular person, and immediately send an alert. It minimizes the amount of time one spends watching video waiting for a subject to appear or leave. It has been field-tested with more than 500,000 mobile devices per location.

Benefits of Boundless' Smart uPTZ Cameras™ are:

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