Bio-Tek Services, Inc.

Parker Carwile, Operations Manager
5310 South Laburnum Avenue
Richmond, VA 23231
Phone: (804)222-5833
Phone: (800)792-3625
Fax: (804)222-5360
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We are a full service, ISO Accredited, In-Lab and Mail-In Pipette Repair, Calibration and Certification Company, with satellite offices located around the United States. We specialize in the repair and calibration of ALL models and types of pipettes, including multi-channels, repeaters and electronic. All of our Technicians are extensively trained and experienced. Our own Analytical Balances are used and calibrated in each lab with Class One N.I.S.T. traceable weights. We meet GLP, GMP, CAP, ISO guidelines. We use the most current and accurate Pipette Calibration/Analysis computer programs for Our Pipettor Performance and Analysis Reports. ISO/IEC17025 accredited for balance and pipette calibrations.
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