Simon Bolduc, Account Manager
616 Auguste-Mondoux
Gatineau, QC J9J 3K3
Phone: (819)770-7771
Fax: (819)770-7772
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AssetRelay specializes in the refurbishing and sale of Telecom Test Equipment; mostly optical. Products such as OSA (AQ6317B, AQ6370, MS9710B), wavemeters (Burleigh WA-1100, WA-1600, WA-7600, AQ6141, 86120C), Tunable Laser TLS (81640A, 81642A, 8168F, Fusion splicers (Fujikura FSM series) can be found at AssetRelay. We can also quote on the repair of your own defect products or will offer to buy or trade your defect equipment.
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