ACO Pacific, Inc.

N. Lewis, President
2604 Read Ave.
Belmont, CA 94002-1520
Phone: (650)595-8588
Fax: (650)591-2891
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Manufacturers of the SLARMSolution™ NetSLARM™ family of Community, Industrial, and Environmental Sound (Noise) Level Monitoring and Alarm Systems with Data Logging. Operating standalone or PC connected, indoors and out. New to our windscreen offering, the RHOM18 ILFN (Infrasound Low Frequency Noise) Windscreen for short and long-term measuring Wind Farm, Industrial and Nature Environments. IEC61094 compliant Measurement Microphones and ACOustic Interface™, and Simple Intensity™ Systems available in 1", 1/2" and 1/4" versions, the microphones offer frequency responses from <<1 Hz to >120 kHz, Noise floors from 0 dBA to Max Input levels in excess of 175 dBSPL. Extremely Random™ White/Pink Noise Generators, MATT attenuators, SPL Calibrators round out our offering. Supplying End-Users, OEMs and Systems Integrators, worldwide for over 35 years. ACOustics Begins With ACO™
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