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 S & M Electronics Limited 
 S. E. International, Inc. 
 Saelig Company Inc. 
 SafePlex Systems, Inc. 
 Safety Equipment Corporation 
 Saga Industries 
 St. Louis Ophthalmic Equipment Company 
 San Diego Instruments 
 Santa Barbara Analysis 
 Sarsen Technology Ltd 
 Schell Electronics, Inc. 
 Schleuniger, Inc. 
 Schurter, Inc. 
 SCIDYNE® Corporation 
 Scientech, Inc. 
 Scientific Materials Corp. div of FLIR Systems Inc. 
 Scitech Instruments, Inc. 
 Securityware, Inc. 
 Selectron Inc. 
 SensaDyne Instrument Division 
 SERCOS North America 
 The Service Center 
 Servo To Go, Inc. 
 Servo2Go.com Ltd. 
 Seton Scientific Co. 
 Sierra Instruments, Inc. 
 SIGHT-PIPE® Optical Systems Division 
 Signal Antenna Systems Inc. 
 Signalcrafters Tech, Inc. 
 Sikama International, Inc. 
 Silicone Solutions 
 Slater Tools Inc. 
 The Snell Group 
 Solar Energy Corporation 
 Soniclean Pty Ltd 
 Sonics & Materials, Inc. 
 SpaceAge Control, Inc. 
 SPARROW Corporation 
 Spectroscopy Magazine 
 Spectrum Semiconductor Materials, Inc. 
 SPM Thermo-Shield Inc. 
  Stanford Computer Optics, Inc.*
 Stat-Ease, Inc. 
 Steadman & Associates, Inc. 
 Steinmeyer, Inc. 
 Strainoptics, Inc. 
 Sundance Systems, Inc. Fibox Products Division 
 SuperPass Co, Inc. 
 Swift Textile Metalizing LLC 
 Swiss Jewel Company 
 Switches Unlimited 
 Sydor Optics, Inc. 
 Synergon Solutions, Inc. 

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Tell your vendor you found it at TechExpo

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