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 Data Excellence, Inc. 
 Dataforth Corp. 
 Datalink Solutions, Inc. 
 Dave Jones Machinists, LLC 
 Decade Transmitters Inc. 
 Decon Labs 
 DEEM Controls Inc. 
 Del-Tron Precision Inc. 
 Delta C Technologies Inc. 
 Dendoff Springs Manufacturing Co. Ltd 
 Diamond Ground Products Inc. 
 Digital Light Lab 
 Discovery Telescopes, Inc. 
 Dot Info Systems Corp. 
 DOVICO Software 
 DPM Solutions 
 DRT Scientific Pipette 
 Du-All Drafting & Art Supply 
 DuraCap International Inc. 
 Dyn-A-Med Products 
 Dynamic Hybrids Inc. 

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Tell your vendor you found it at TechExpo

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By using "video AND CA" the search returns video companies in California only.

If you select the thesaurus you may expand your search as in the following example in which all are equivalent terms: "IR," "infrared," "LWIR," "MWIR," etc.

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