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 Bart & Associates, Inc. 
 Bartoszek Engineering 
 Behlman Electronics 
 Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation 
 Bid-Service LLC 
 Bio-Medtronics Services 
 Bio-Tek Services, Inc. 
 Biodata Ltd 
 Biomerica, Inc. 
 Bioscience, Inc. 
 BioTech Circle 
 BitFlow, Inc. 
 BlazeTech Corporation 
 Bortech Sales Inc. 
 Boss Communications 
 Boundless Security Systems, Inc. 
 BOW Industries, Inc. 
 Bowser-Morner, Inc. 
 Bronco Technology, Inc. 
 Brookfield AMETEK, Inc. 
 Brundidge Electronics Corporation 
 BWI Eagle Inc. 

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Tell your vendor you found it at TechExpo

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By using "video AND CA" the search returns video companies in California only.

If you select the thesaurus you may expand your search as in the following example in which all are equivalent terms: "IR," "infrared," "LWIR," "MWIR," etc.

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