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Power Sources & Converters, DC, AC, Batteries, Motors PRODUCTS
DC LINEAR ACTUATORS: Model Number MMP-LA3The Model MMP LA3 Linear Actuators are available with 12V or 24 VDC Motors, and 6 Standard Stroke Lengths, which include 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm Strokes.Midwest Motion Products
DC motorsPermanent magnet DC motors (12V-180V), (20W-5000W), (500-10000rpm) in 3.2", 3.6" and 6" frame sizes; Standard or custom mounting or shaft design, higher performance, Efficiency, speed and greater reliability through design flexibility and engineering assistance. We offer gear box options and fast prototyping at economical price.MET Motors - Minnesota Electric Technology Inc.
EKOHEAT Induction Heating SystemsPowerful, versatile induction heating systems ranging from 10 kW to 1 MW.Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions
GCS250 series, AC-DC power supply, high efficiencyA 250 Watt range added to its GCS series of high efficiency single output AC-DC power supplies. Certified to both industrial and medical international safety standards, and comprising 150, 180, and now 250 Watt models, the GCS series is available in multiple mechanical formats. Ensuring the range is suitable for multiple applications, the GCS series is available in an industry standard 3 x 5 inch (127 x 76.2 mm) open frame package, an enclosed covered version, and top or end-mounted fan cover options.XP Power
HWD Constant Voltage/Current Linear P/SLinear Regulated 200 W Full Range Adjustable Laboratory DC Power Supplies; 0-400 volt 0-20 ampsMid-Eastern Industries DD
IPSi SERIES - INTELLIGENT PURESINE INVERTERDigitally controlled, Total harmonic distortion, Power wizard software, universal input.Analytic Systems
M20 Load MonitorsUsing the motor as a sensor, H2flow Controls's renowned M20 Shaft power monitor provides unique and valuable features that reliably protect motor driven equipment from abnormal overload and underload conditions. The monitors primary uses are to protect electrically driven pumps from dry-run, dead head and cavitation. Typical pumps are centrifigal, mag drive positive displacement, progressive cavity etc.H2flow Controls, Inc.
Model QDPC-300 Hybrid Battery Charger340 VDC, 20A output, High voltage battery charger.Photonic Associates
Power Passport P1351AC Power Supply / Frequency Converter; 1350 VA, Variable Voltage & Frequency, bench top or rack mount, Optional Remote Control, IEEE-488 RS232 0-10 VDC.Behlman Electronics
Power SuppliesAC-DC, DC-DC, AC-AC, DC-ACBortech Sales Inc.
RA Series Constant Voltage Linear P/SHigh Power, Small Size, Remotely Programmable, <1mV rms ripple, .01% Regulation, all siliconMid-Eastern Industries DD
RBV5010 Bridge RectifierHigh Power Bridge 6A - 50A / 100 - 1000 Volts in small package, single in line, save up to 75% boards space, better heat dissipating, better cost.EIC Semiconductor, Inc.
SCUPS® Model 1027 Super Capacitor Uninterruptible Power SupplyThe SCUPS® Model 1027 is designed to provide backup DC power to a nominal 12 VDC system in the event that primary power is interrupted.Electro Standards Laboratories
Sealed Lead Acid Batteries6 or 12 volt with amperage ratingLowell-Kangas & Associates of St. Louis, Inc.
Tone Generator / TG424115V AC Input, 3 output tones, Industiral GradeAstro-Geo-Marine, Inc.


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