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Spectroscopy (Mass, Atomic, Molecular) PRODUCTS
20/30 PV™ UV-visible-NIR MicrospectrometerThis system is designed to be fully programmable with touchscreen controls so that it can automatically analyze microscopic samples with UV-visible-NIR spectroscopy and microscopy. Imaging and spectroscopic analysis of samples can be done by absorbance, reflectance and fluorescence from the deep UV to far into the near infrared. Applications are numerous and include contamination analysis of hard disk components, thin film measurement of semiconductors, microcolorimetry of flat panel displays and quality control of pharmaceuticals.CRAIC Technologies, Inc.
AccuTOF™ - DART™ Mass SpectrometersCan pinpoint chemical compositions quickly and accurately and easily, with no sample or preparation required; Ideal for applications requiring precise identification of complex mixtures and detection of trace contaminants.JEOL USA, Inc.
AI 1200/2200 Atomic Absorption SpectrometerTransversely heated graphite furnace and 3800 ks-1 heating rate; automatically aligned and controlled 5 lamp turret, universal autosampler, quick changeover between flame, furnace, vapor generation atomizer, Dz background correction, single and double beam opticsAurora Instruments Ltd.
Cirrus™ 3-XDCirrus™3-XD compact benchtop and rack-mounted atmospheric systems with V-lens™ technology are designed for researchers and engineers who need to work beyond the limits of conventional quadrupole MS gas analysis - to more easily detect and monitor trace gases - the Cirrus™ 3-XD single-quadrupole MS gas analyzer delivers a unique analytical advantage for "eXtreme Detection" capability.MKS Instruments, Inc.
MStationDesigned to increase the functionality of the GCD, 5970, 5971, 5972, 5973 mass spectrometers from HP. Increased sensitivity, increased throughput SIM / Scan at the same time, precise mass measurement, Chemstation compatible.Acquisition Solutions k
PPO HyperChannelThe PPO HyperChannel hyperspectrally images highly dynamic enviroments simultaneously with pinpoint accuracy. The spectrometer can distinguish over 200 separate spatial points arranged in any configuration providing high-resolution wavelength date. The PPO Hyperchannel's unrivalled combination of functionality, speed and accuracy has enabled widespread applications and will continue to spark further innovation.P&P Optica
PTI QuantaMaster 8000 SeriesThe new PTI QuantaMaster 8000 series offers the highest guaranteed sensitivity on the market, with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 30,000:1 RMS for water Raman. The PTI QuantaMaster 8000 is a modular reserach grade spectrofluorometer for steady state and lifetime measurements, accommodating up to four excitation sources and six detection channels and triple grating turrets for extended wavelength range. It can be used with single or double monochromators for superior stray light rejection, and TCSPC can be added to increase flexibility and adaptability, offering the fastest speeds and shortest lifetimes, and offering a tunable UV/Vis/NIR super continuun laser from 260 to 2,000 nm. Rhe PTI QuantaMaster 8000 series can provice spectral and phosphorescence lifetime detection coverage to 5,500 nm.HORIBA Scientific
Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap Mass SpectrometerComplete with ion max source with ESI probe, Windows XP PC with XCalibur 2.0 software, chiller and Edwards E2M30 roughing pumps. OPTIONAL: Nano Spray Probe & Bioworks software.IET Ltd: International Equipment Trading Ltd
Zeiss MMS UV/Vis-Nir SpectrometerMonolithic design, rugged, accurate, sensitive; Permanent wavelength accuracy, coverage 190-2200 nm among all models.Hellma USA, Inc.


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