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OKSI Patent Families

Family Filed Priority Grant (PAT)
Publication (APP)
7,157,706 28-May-03 28-May-03 02-Jan-07 Cryogenically cooled adjustable apertures for infrared cameras
7,427,758 14-Nov-05 28-May-03 23-Sep-08 Cryogenically cooled adjustable apertures for infra-red cameras
8,164,813 31-Dec-07 28-May-03 24-April-2012 Non-Circular Continuous Variable Aperture for Forward Looking Infrared Cameras
7,816,650 14-Aug-08 28-May-03 19-Oct-10 External Variable Aperture and Relay for Infra-Red Cameras
8,071,947 04-Nov-08 28-May-03 6-Dec-11 Variable Aperture for Infra-Red Cameras
13/311,517 05-Dec-11 28-May-03 Unpublished Adjustable Aperture Infra-Red Cameras
True Color Night Vision        
2010/61,373,795 13-Aug-10 13-Aug-10 Unpublished True Color Night Vision (TCNV) Fusion Apparatus and Method
Omni-Directional Imaging        
61/568,086 Nov-11 Nov-11 Unpublished Imaging a Scene Based on Multi-Faceted Reflector Module
Other Hyperspectral        
7,466,343 20-Jul_04 20-Jul-04 16-Dec-08 General line of sight stabilization system
12/060,881 02-Apr-08 02-Apr-07 Unpublished Multispectral Uncooled Thermal Infrared Camera System
Linear Variable Filter        
5,166,755 23-May-90 23-May-90 24-Nov-92 Spectrometer apparatus


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